Gastric Banding

When considering bariatric surgery, which encompasses all surgeries to treat morbid obesity, many people are familiar with gastric bypass. While this is the most popular type of weight loss surgery, the second most popular is also effective. Gastric banding surgery has low complication rates and is less likely to cause vitamin deficiencies than bypass surgeries.

Obesity: Health Implications

What's so bad about being overweight? Beside the fact that "the worse it gets, the worse it gets", there are a number of medical conditions that are precipitated or worsened by obesity. Obesity affects every organ of the body in one way or another. Let's look at a few of the major complications. Cardiovascular Disease Extra weight requires the heart to work harder because the additional fat tissue needs blood as surely as every other cell in the body.

Health Effects of the Extra Weight

Why extra body fat is always accumulated at buttock or stomach areas? The effect can be quite disturbing one and you can see that all the clothes that you have get too much fit. And the most striking effect is that you get your girlish or boyish figure disturbed. There are lots of documentations explaining health effects that extra weight can have.

Results of Being Overweight

Being overweight is quite a common problem. Many people vow to resolve at the start of every year. They wish to get that desired shape that make heads turn. However, it is usually not the case that people follow through with their plans. They usually lose the sight of their goal by the end of second month - February. Overweight is a problem that plagues many aspects of a person's life both psychological and physiological.

Life for Overweight People

Being overweight and fat that's amount to a lot of problems. It ensues into a list of never ending difficulties. Such people are subject to ridicule from their friends and work colleagues. Overweight people get a bad treatment from many quarters. Many people are degraded just because of their weight. You might be sick of all of this. However, your problems do not end there.

Running for Weight Loss - 3 Tips on How to Eat Properly When Running to Lose Weight

The first thing they tell in the weight loss school (if there is any! ) is that following a proper diet is the surest way to permanent weight loss, everybody knows this. But what they don't teach you is how to apply the principles of healthy eating habits. As results, here are 3 ways that can ensure to remain on the right eating path, and even if you stray from time to time (a fact of life) you could steer back toward your destination.

Running for Obese People - 2 Secret Tips on How To Start Running For Overweight People

Obesity is one of the biggest problems that we face today. It's a disease that eats our youth from the inside and results in grave health consequences even death. Fortunately, doing something as simple as staring a running program can put an end to this disastrous agony. Therefore, here are a few tips and simple beginner guidelines for the overweight runner.

Obesity Misconceptions Uncovered and Uprooted

The very first point we want to get across is that obesity is not the "cut and dry" issue many make it out to be. Obesity is a much deeper issue than a lack of self-control or bad parenting. It has roots branching out past eating habits and poor food choices to environmental toxicity, stresses, hormone imbalances and even government subsidies. At home, this disease has its grasp on one in three American adults, a number that ignores many millions who are overweight.

Obesity and Bad Eating Habits

The psychotherapist's role involves working with men and women who present with a wide range of issues, which at face value have little to do with obesity. They may bring relationship problems or a specific event, such as bereavement, work related issues or a physical injury, which has been the catalyst for them to consider counselling. During the clinical assessment there are opportunities to use diagnostic tools, which may indicate a variety of mental health issues including anxiety or depression.

Stress and Obesity - Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever stopped to wonder about what you put yourself into when you get stressed? When you're trying to meet a deadline, for example, you try to "steal" from your sleeping hours by giving yourself a caffeine fix to stave off sleep. To add energy, you ingest lots and lots of chocolate. When the effect wears off before you have finished your work, you give yourself another cup of coffee and eat more sweets to prevent the ultimate crash from happening.

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