An Obesity Solution That Works Is Not Just About Exercise and Diets

Are you tired of the same obesity solution being told to you over and over again? Bear with me, because although we cannot simply wish the problem away, we don't have to sweat it either. Prepare mentally The key is mental preparation - there is no such thing as a "miracle" obesity solution. Our mind controls our body, and the hardest part of making a lifestyle change is getting the mind to commit to the process.

Are You Obese Or Skinny?

Obesity is a major challenge plaguing mankind today and it has become more challenging because the younger generation is the one that is afflicted by this adversity. If obesity is a mammoth issue for some people, for many others, the problem is actually the reverse: they want and need to gain weight. Being underweight is not a hot topic today as people more often than not, want to discuss weight loss.

The Scary Facts About Child Obesity and How to Avoid It Pronto

Childhood obesity has dramatically increased over the years. For the past three decades, the percentage has gone up to threefold. Moreover, in 2008, the prevalence of childhood obesity among the 6-to-11 age group rose to more than 12 percent. Obesity among children is not cute and should never be tolerated. It makes them more prone to serious illnesses when they grow up, such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Emotional Eating - Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional eating is a very real problem in America. Our growing obesity rate is scary and alarming. One of the primary reasons why obesity is on such an incline is because we put emotional attachments to the food we eat. This behavior in itself is fine if it can be controlled. However, if you lose control, it can turn into a compulsive disorder that can have horrendous consequences.

How To Reduce Tummy Fat - The Essential Keys To Unlock Your Weight Loss Success

If you want to get rid of that unsightly spare tire around your waist but your not sure how to reduce tummy fat, don't feel bad. Millions of frustrated people feel that despite whatever they do they will never lose the weight around their midsection. This frustration of not knowing how to reduce tummy is because they don't make the proper lifestyle changes along with modifying their diet to ensure their success.

Quit Smoking Before Your Gastric Bypass Operation

Before any gastric bypass operation is performed, the patient is given ample time to prepare for the procedure. Bariatric professionals will ask standard questions, one of them which involves smoking. If one is smoking, they are advised to quit smoking for at least one month before the procedure. This is recommended because smoking makes the healing process much longer and harder for the patient after the operation is complete.

After Getting A Gastric Banding, Stay Active

Patients have several follow ups after their gastric banding operation to make sure that all is going well. Bariatric professionals will give a special diet for a month after the procedure is given and certain activities are recommended. Staying physically active is very important especially for the first two weeks after the operation. Heavy exercise is not recommended but simpler exercises such as walking several blocks a day is highly recommended.

Who Wants To Be The Biggest Loser?

You've heard the saying "you are what you eat"? Well, I hate to tell you but it is very true. You may not notice for many years but all that fast food, cigarettes and alcohol will surely catch up to you in the end. Everyone has an "end". The key is being the last in line to your ultimate end. If you're a middle-aged man or woman and still live a life like a teen or young adult with unhealthy habits, then your end will definitely come faster than someone who is living with the end in mind.

Is Obesity an Infectious Disease?

There is some evidence linking obesity, especially childhood obesity with infections with a specific strain of adenovirus, Adenovirus 36. In one study 22% of obese children had antibodies to adenovirus 36 but only 7% of a control group of normal weight children had the antibody. Other studies in adults have linked the same adenovirus to obesity in adults.

Childhood Obesity - Does It Matter?

Does it really matter if children are obese? Aren't some children just heavier than others? These questions are asked on a regular basis and deserve to be examined closely. Today's discussion is going to do just that. Obesity, as well as obesity in children, is on the rise. Several years ago, we did not have the obesity problems that we have right now.

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