Obesity: Avoid the Fatal Mistake

Obesity: Avoiding the Fatal Mistake in Weight Loss

Sometimes in our quest to lose weight, we become overly zealous and decide we are going to lose in a couple of weeks what we have gained in a couple of years or more. This is a set-up for failure as surely as if we didn't even embark on a weight loss program. This is also why almost all fad diets fail. They are too aggressive and promise too much too soon. Weight gain is a gradual process. Weight loss is too. If you have 80 or a hundred pounds to lose, or more, you are only going to lose it a pound at a time... period.. So take advantage of small victories. Set your goal to lose 5 pounds at a time.

Cut out the foods you know are bad for you and reduce your portions by at least a third, preferably by half. When you lose 5 pounds, pat yourself on the back because you are a winner! You will have shown yourself that you can do it. If you have a hundred pounds to lose and have lost five pounds, forget the fact that you have 95 pounds yet to lose. That's not important. What is important is the fact that you have lost one twentieth of what you have to lose! Do what you've done 19 more times and you will have lost your 100 pounds. Of course, it takes a while, but the time is going to pass whether you are losing weight or not.

It's very important to set realistic and attainable targets. You gained the extra weight over a long time period; make a plan to lose the extra weight in a gradual way. You'll feel much better as a result. You know how important it is for your health and longevity that you lose the weight. Further, the danger of not losing weight is the real prospect of gaining yet more weight. This happens because, if you do not have a plan for losing weight, you are going to continue eating the amounts and kinds of foods that you are accustomed to, which means you are going to continue to gain weight. That is just what happens.

If you need support, join a weight loss forum on the internet. Here you will meet others with goals similar to your own. You can lose weight. Do it for yourself. You deserve it!

Until next time!

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