Limit the Chances of Feeling Bloated After Eating

You can do many things to avoid this uncomfortable feeling. First thing to watch is what you eat. Observe your eating habits and exclude those foods that give you bloating. They are not the same for everyone. Some people react with bloating to salads, especially when they eat them at dinner, others feel bloated after having eaten beans and others cannot stand apples in the evening.

Religion And Eating Meat

Just like the beliefs, culture and rituals of people and communities are largely diversified, and so are their attitudes towards eating different sorts of animal food. Meat consumption varies around the world as per the availability of animals, which is conditioned by geography and climate. Community attachment to sentient beings is another influencing factor.

Top 10 Recommended Foods for Improved Health and Performance

A healthy diet is most often tantamount to eating organic foods. Organic foods have the tendency to be high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants compared to non-organic foods. It is not guaranteed, however, that organic foods have much better advantages when compared to well-researched non-organic items yet with much lesser pesticide residue in it.

Food Preservatives - Are They Worth the Risk?

Preservatives are chemical compounds that are added to both liquid and solid food products in order to stave off bacterial and mold growth, prevent oxidation of lipids, and stabilize aesthetic quality attributes like color. While opponents of preservatives argue that they are unnecessary and pose risks to human health, it is a fact that consumers typically evaluate a product initially by its appearance.

How HGH Works With Your Immune System

Microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and even fungi can create a slew of potential health complications. Luckily, throughout most of our lives, our immune system continually declares war on these minuscule invaders. However, as we age, our immune system stops functioning as well, and can even completely shut down - which is why a virus or infection that might just give a younger person a fever can be fatal to an elderly patient.

Vitamin D Overdose Symptoms

You might think that it's easy to overdose on Vitamin D since it is a fat soluble vitamin, but this is not true. You would have to take massive amounts of this vitamin for a long time in order to reach a toxic level. Toxicity has been reported after taking 50.000IU per day for several months in a row, which is truly a massive dose. But enough with that, lets cover the primary Vitamin D overdose symptoms (otherwise known as hypervitaminosis d): This is a serious condition, and needs to be addressed by a health professional.

Symptoms Of Low Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is probably the most important vitamin that we need to be concerned with in order to ensure optimal health. In fact, Vitamin D doesn't function as a regular Vitamin in the human body but as a steroid hormone, going into the nucleus of almost every cell in the body to regulate gene expression. It is best known for its role in bone health and therefore the best known symptoms of low vitamin d levels are associated with bone health, and rickets is the best known disease of vitamin d deficiency.

Recommended Vitamin D Intake

The recommended Vitamin Intake, by health authorities, is now usually around 400-600IU per day, which equals 10 to 15 micrograms per day. A lot of experts are claiming that this number is way too low, since through evolution we lived in the sun all day, but in the sun we can produce 10.000IU or more, in as little time as 20-30 minutes, given that we get full body exposure and the sun is strong.

What Are The Causes Of Low Vitamin D Levels

I'd like to describe the most common causes of low Vitamin D levels. A Vitamin D Deficiency is a common problem in modern times and new research is linking low Vitamin D levels with some serious health problems like cancer and heart disease, the big killers. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to all sorts of disorders, such as acne and depression.

Farm Raised Salmon Dietary Aspects

Introduction People love to eat salmon, not only for the flavor but also for the health benefits it provides. Having lived in North Pole, Alaska for six years, I too became not only a lover of eating salmon, but catching them too. But most of the salmon on the market today is produced by aquaculture, or farm raised. So how is farm raised salmon produced and what are the benefits?

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