Healthy Brain Development and Your Child

Let me ask you a quick question, are you a new parent and concerned about your child's healthy brain development? If so, I don't blame you. All the news about toxins and environmental pollutants are scary for anyone, much less for caretakers of a new life. Luckily, studies show a lot of healthy brain development starts with the right nutrition.

Healthy School Lunches You Can Pack For Your Kids and Yourself

No matter how you slice it, sandwiches everyday becomes boring pretty fast. School and workplace lunches don't have to be dull or unhealthy. They also don't have to be expensive or overly creative. A healthy lunch just needs to be nutritious and varied. With food allergies and child obesity a concern for some families, knowing what foods to pack can be a challenge.

The Best Dietary Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

There are several excellent food sources of Omega-3 fatty acids within easy reach of consumers. If you are a vegetarian, you can enjoy flax seeds and walnuts as well as cooked soybeans and raw tofu. Your body can make use of the long-chain polyunsaturated fats to create Omega-3 nutrients. If you are not vegetarian, hopefully you like fish. Certain types of fatty fish represent the best natural source of Omega-3.

Vitamin D Test: Are You Deficient?

Vitamin D test can be described as an examination to find out the presence of 25-hydroxyvitaminD2 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 metabolites that form the major active state of vitamin D circulating in the body. Vitamin D is a kind of fat-soluble secosteroid. They play an important role in ensuring a healthy body. Getting a vitamin D test is the most effective way to test the quantity of vitamin D present in the human body.

Water Filtration System: Water Filtration Systems Are a Great Way to Extend Your Life

This article introduces the commercial water filtration system. It explains the various filters and technologies used to purify water for consumption in your home and some useful information you would need before purchasing and installing such a system in your home. Clean safe drinking water is a requirement for any home, and with a water filtration system this can be guaranteed.

The Best 5 Step Candidiasis Diet

If you are experiencing a wide range of annoying and uncomfortable health symptoms, and you suspect it might be diet related, then a Candidiasis Diet is probably just what you need. 1. Know Your Enemy. You may have heard of Candida, and perhaps have dismissed it as just the latest fashion diagnosis as the cause of all your ailments. Well, in truth, Candida is normally present in everyone's digestive system, causing no problems at all.

Low Vitamin D Levels in Children Raise Insulin Concerns

A new study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood journal showed that kids with low serum vitamin D levels are at risk for increasing insulin resistance and in turn diabetes. I will discuss the findings of the study and I will discuss the possible benefits as well. Studies are just that, studies. They never give us a full picture what is really going on.

The Importance Of Water Soluble Vitamins To Your Health

Vitamins are extremely important to take if you want to maintain your health. And this is especially true for water soluble vitamins which are not stored in the body. This means that they must be replenished every day through the foods that we eat. Two of the most valuable forms of water soluble vitamins are B and C. In fact, these vitamins are so important to the functioning of the human body that many popular foods such as breakfast cereals and breads are fortified with it.

You Are What You Drink: Make My Next Drink A Glassful Of Antioxidant Filtered Water Please!

A necessity for life on Earth, clean water has been a long forgotten natural resource that many have taken for granted. We mistakenly think if we live in an area where rain regularly falls freely out of the sky it should, therefore, be safe and clean to drink. But throughout the world, and even in our own United States, a limited access to clean drinking water remains a serious health threat.

Stinging Nettle - How to Use It As Food and As a Health Remedy

Most people regard stinging nettle, Urtica dioica, as a bothersome weed and generally try to tidy it away from the environment. You can however make tasty dishes of this plant and you can use it to improve your health. The plant is composed of a central root system, horizontal and generally hided stalks growing out from the root and vertical stalks growing up from those horizontal ones with leaves and flowers.

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