A Pinch Of Salt

What if I told you that Salt could normalize your blood-pressure. What if I also told you that not only can salt improve your circulation, but it can eliminate toxins and help fight off viruses such as herpes. First you have to understand that salt is vital and essential for bodily functions. You need it! Without salt you would die. It is essential for regulating blood-pressure, electro-conductivity in the cells, detoxification, and many other vital functions.

Eat Your Way to Better Health and Possibly Wealth

We have heard this saying so many times. You are what you eat. So does that mean that I am a hamburger with cheddar cheese and a side of onion rings? No, not quite. It does mean however that whatever you eat is directly related to your weight and ultimately your health. Society expects that a person who eats simple garden salads three times a day to look vastly different from another person that eats fried chicken three times a day;

Primer On Transfats

Many local governments and states are beginning to pass laws that will ban restaurants from using trans fats in the foods they prepare. Schools have recognized the problem as well and are banning snacks that contain trans fats. New York City was one of the first cities to recognize the need to eliminate trans fats from our diets, and in December they passed an ordinance eliminating the use of these harmful fats for use in restaurants.

8 - Powerful Facts That You Should Know About Peanut Butter and How It Affects Your Health

Peanut butter is no stranger in 98% of America's households. What may not be as well-known is the importance and value that it have on your overall health and wellbeing. Fact #1: Peanut butter is a highly consumed Peanut Product in America. Fact # 2: According to the ( FDA ) US Food and Drug Administration, The average American eats about 6-pounds of it per person, per year.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Clean Up Your Health

Despite the fact that there are a variety of ways that you can use vinegar for cleaning, you can also use apple cider vinegar to help with your health. For the best results you are going to want to avoid using sparkling vinegar. Instead you are going to want to use vinegar with a slight brown tinge for maximum benefits. If you look closely into the vinegar bottle you will notice that there is a cobweb type texture that floats in the liquid vinegar which is the ultimate sign that it contains the right amount of properties.

The Benefits Of Chocolate - Delicious and Nutritious

Research has discovered that by eating chocolate you can actually be doing well for your body. There are many different benefits from eating chocolate because it contains antioxidants that do well for your immune system because they lower the risk of infection. Keep reading to see the additional benefits of eating chocolate. Recently, a study was conducted at the University of Oslo in Norway that showed that there is a connection between the brain function of the elderly and chocolate cocoa.

NuVal Nutritional Scoring System - What Is It?

Do you ever wonder how to pick the most nutritious foods for your family? There are so many things to pay attention to on the label. Wouldn't it be great if there was one number that would let you compare similar foods? Now there is such a system, the NuVal system cuts through all the confusion and gives you one score for each food item so that you can readily compare them one to another.

The Good and Bad of Snacking

If done correctly, consuming calories between meals can be very beneficial. However, with poor snacking habits, individuals may find themselves with significant health problems. For people who are aiming to control their diets and looking to improve their health, it is important to understand the difference between good and bad snacking. Between breakfast and lunch, it is very tempting to eat foods high in sugar.

How Many Calories Do I Need A Day, The Simple Solution

Have you ever heard the acronym K.I.S.S? It means 'Keep It Simple, Stupid'. - I love it. Some people over complicate the hell out of things and end up giving up before they even start. I remember when I first heard By now you should know that fitness is mostly a matter of nutrition. That means you need to eat the foods, but more importantly you need to eat the right amounts of the right foods.

Top Healing Foods and the Ailments They Help - Part 1

Many people have health questions about the health benefits foods provide. We are going to talk about the most useful foods for healing. Apples - We've all heard the saying " An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." There is truth in this statement! Studies show, that people who eat apples regularly, are likely to have lower blood pressure. Apples are excellent for the heart.

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