Fibromyalgia, Nutrition, and Diet

Fibromyalgia (FM) affects approximately 2% of the U.S. population. The condition is a chronic pain disorder, which affects women more often than men. The most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia include, but are not limited to: Widespread pain Joint disorders Musculoskeletal pain Sleep disturbances Fatigue Tingling sensations in body parts such as the hands, arms, and feet.

The Diet Solutions And Acceptable Dairy Products

For the most part it's my belief that you should try and avoid diary as part of the diet solutions. Dairy products interfere with the cleansing-healing process because their density and high saturated fats challenge both digestion and metabolism. Dairy foods are tremendous mucous producers that burden the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems.

Vegetarian - To Be, or Not To Be?

Although most of us know the famous Shakespeare quote... did you know this one from Albert Einstein? "Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." Albert Einstein 1879 to 1955. I have read other quotes by Albert Einstein, usually more science related. I mean who really knew that the father of modern physics and 1921 Nobel Prize Winner would have also felt so strongly about nutrition and vegetarianism.

Diet Plans - Healthy Weight Loss Can Make Your Life Awesome

You already know that diet plans for healthy weight loss can make it easier for you to walk to the grocery store or up the stairs without huffing and puffing, and that you can feel more self-confident at a healthy weight. Beyond the surface, there are also significant benefits of getting on a healthy eating plan, which can help motivate you to stick to diet plans.

How to Implement the Mediterranean Diet in to Your Lifestyle

Getting slim, losing weight, getting a good diet plan, getting rid of cardiovascular and health related disease are all intertwined. Usually, once you have a good diet plan like the Mediterranean diet pan, odds are that you will naturally reduce the amount of calories in your body resulting in decreased occurrence of heart related problems. The other perks include shedding weight, burning fat and gradually slimming down.

A Lesson From Our Grandparents On How To Eat

It's so hard for us to figure out how to eat. So we and our children suffer from obesity and bad health. We need to figure out what to eat so that we can enjoy ourselves and be healthy. With so many diseases and obesity out of control, so many of us are becoming concern about the way we eat; we are concerned about how to shop for our families. We have forgotten how to enjoy the simple foods of life.

Lowering Cholesterol With a Good Diet and Exercise

High cholesterol is one of the most commonly treated medical conditions. It is more common in men younger than 55 years and in women older than 55 years. Lowering Cholesterol with a Good Diet and Exercise is a lot easier than it sounds. Lets face it I don't know about you but the words diet and exercise sends chills up and down my spine. There is nothing I like better than a nice big steak and a baked potato with lots of sour cream and chives.

How to Do the Mediterranean Diet in the US

Since the Mediterranean diet became popular, lots of people have started adopting it. This is no doubt due to the fact that the diet is effective in helping people increase their chances of living longer, avoiding heart related diseases, helping them keep their weight down and generally helping them live better and richer lives without the guilt of obesity.

How to Kick the Sugar Habit

Congratulations on realizing that you have a problem with sugar. The first step is knowing what sugar does to us as well as what sugar substitutes do to us. This can help us in kicking our sugar habit. Sugar is a substance that most of us have been consuming almost since the day we were born. Sugar in some form or another is in more food and beverage products than you can imagine.

Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

A vegan is generally dedicated to using no animal products at all. This would include avoiding wearing leather shoes, leather clothes, jackets, gloves, consuming no animal products such as eggs, cheese, fish. They eat purely fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and beans. A vegan diet has proven to be quite healthy according to recent best seller, "The China Study, " by Colin Campbell.

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