Yay! Sayers and Naysayers

Did your mom ever tell you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Mom's advice was good for making friends and keeping them, but it's also great advice for our businesses! That's why it's important to be a "Yay! " Sayer instead of a Naysayer! Naysayers are like vampires, they drain the energy from anyone they are near, and after you deal with them, you feel exhausted.

Is Your Business Card Doing Its Job?

By the end of last week, I had been to three networking events and had extended conversations with about thirty businesses. When looking at the cards on Friday, I thought "Thank goodness I made notes on the backs of most of the cards! " Otherwise, I would have had to rely on what was printed on the front to remember what their business was all about.

Marketing Tip - Is Your Networking Not Working?

All small business owners hear that they need to network. "Join the chamber, join a leads group, go to business after hours events, " is the standard business development line. But what if you do that, and you don't get the results you want? Networking takes time, energy and money. Those are all precious commodities for most business owners! Often, new clients come to me with questions about networking.

Conscious Networking - Are You Paying Attention?

So often we hear stories of chance meetings and "million dollar connections". And it's absolutely true that you never know WHO will open the door to your biggest, most exciting opportunities. According to author Larry Bennet... "You are one connection away from being able to change your life." Connecting with others in meaningful ways certainly paves the way for life changing relationships.

How to Get New Clients With Networking

One thing that most businesses have in common is clients. As business consultants explain, businesses need a constantly growing base of customers in order to remain profitable. The most effective way to generate client leads, says executive management training professionals, is networking, a business communication strategy that provides the best success.

A Sock and a Shoe, Or?

Everyone has habits, right? So I have a question. When you get dressed, do you put on a sock and a shoe and then a sock and a shoe, or do you do a sock and a sock and then a shoe and a shoe? Some habits can be inconsequential, and some can have far reaching effects on your life. For instance, the above example makes no difference to virtually anything you do.

Die Cut Business Card is One of the Important Essentials of Your Business

Die cut business cards are the marketing materials which will help you in many ways. These cards are used to develop and strengthen your image. These are also used to widen your relations whether in society or in business. There are many things where it will be useful. When you make a decision to design and create your business card, the initial thing that you have to keep in mind is the size and the material that has to be used for printing.

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