Music and Children

I'm a musician and father to a 10 year old. I play bass and keyboards proficiently, and compose. I've exposed my son, but let him grow into music. While I own several bass guitars and keyboards, and now a guitar, he did not show any interest in music until lately. His instrument of choice? A ukelele. What's more? In the 3 months he's owned it, he's gotten very proficient.

Beat Maker For Mac 7 Quick Shopping Tips

Music production with the incorporation of beat maker for Mac has accentuated the chances of being a master in beat making. The beat maker for Mac usually gives a plethora of music producing options to the savvy musicians of today. With the beat maker for Mac, the stereotypical demand for talented instrumentalists and heavy duty recording equipments to collectively give a killer of an end product has eventually subsided.

Fate - A Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash Story

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of a singer's or songwriter's music. Things such as Talent, Ability, and Persistence are a must. But one of the things that few artists think of is something called FATE. And so I'm going to tell you a story about one of my most favorite songwriters, Kris Kristofferson. He is a great songwriter because he can phrase words such as 'Lay your head upon my pillow, Hold your warm and tender body close to mine, Hear the whisper of the raindrops, Blow softly against my window, Make believe you love me one more time.

Make Your Own Beats Online: 4 Simple Steps to Become the Next Beat Music Star in Just 10 Minutes

Have you ever questioned yourself on how to "Make Your Own Beats Online?" Want to create sensation in the music industry just like Akon and Eminem? You can indeed do it without any special equipment and with ease. These 4 simple steps of mine will help you to make your own beats online within just an unbelievable 10 minutes. 1. Find suitable software: This is the most important step for you to make your own beats online.

Make Beats On Your Computer: 3 Quick Ways to Make Beats On Your Computer in Just 8 Minutes

Is it really possible to "Make Beats on Your Computer "? Ever wondered whether your computer can help you create beats? Yes, it can and I am going to share you the 4 magical ways to Make Beats On your Computer. You can do it without any prior experience in these. The below 3 magical ways will help you to make Beats on Your Computer in just 8 minutes.

Introduction to Salsa Music

Salsa music, which originated in Cuba, is the mixture of several different types of music, including pop, R&B, jazz, and rock. It is commonly known for its corresponding dances, and has been known for its popularity in Latin America and North America. It has just recently become heavily popular in Latin America, being played mainly in the form of Latin Jazz.

Who Else Wants to Learn Better Voice Control?

Many individuals have difficulty singing the mid-range of scales through the cross over from low to high notes. This is known as "the bridge" as well as "breaking point." When singers come across the bridge, they might often seem like they're running out of breath, have funny voice, or are entirely out of tune. Even so, by employing proper voice control exercises, this issue can be avoided.

Music Maker Software: Locate the Most Trusted and Wanted Music Software in Using 3 Easy Steps

Ever realized that there is a huge potential in you to create music? Do you want to know what a music maker software is? Do you want to explore your music talent within you by making your own music? Then music maker software is the software you are looking for. Music maker software will help you unearth your talent by giving all the necessary beats, synthesizers and sequencers which will help you to create music.

Play Piano Online

There are many ways for someone to to learn piano. You just have to figure out what method will work the best for you. The old fashioned way to learn the piano is to find teacher in your area. Usually this will be someone teaching piano from there own home. The most reliable way to choose a piano teacher for yourself would be to get a personal reference or research some reviews for yourself.

5 Easy Metal Songs to Play on the Guitar

What drives guitarists to pick up the guitar is that they want to learn to play their favorite songs. Most of the songs are quite challenging but fortunately there are some easy ones too. Because most guitarists start with rock or metal, I decided to list five easy metal songs that anyone can quickly learn to play. These five songs are my favorite metal songs and I hope you will like them too.

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