George Benson - Legendary Jazz Guitar Music Virtuoso - Part 2

In 1961, jazz guitarist George Benson got his break through an unexpected opportunity. Hammond organist Brother Jack McDuff was passing through with his trio minus the guitarist. Benson was immediately recommended to fill in and he ended up "subbing" for the next three years while undergoing the most challenging phase of his jazz guitar music career.

George Benson - Legendary Jazz Guitar Music Virtuoso - Part 3

Jazz guitarist George Benson stayed with the CTI Record label for six years, recording an album every year. His jazz guitar music album "White Rabbit" from 1972 was nominated for a Grammy and Benson was accorded the honor of playing on Miles Davis's "Miles In The Sky" album. The jazz trumpet master offered him a spot in his band which included at that time Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter and Tony Williams.

Teaching Piano To Children - 5 Effective Teaching Tips

Teaching piano can bring you happiness, especially if your pupils decide to take it to a professional level when they grow up. When they are young, you may be faced with a big challenge, especially if some students aren't quick learners. You will find that some children can be taught easily while others are resentful because they were probably forced by their parents to take piano lessons.

Top 20 Paul Anka Hits

Paul Anka was born in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada in 1941 and became an extremely popular teen idol of the 1950's and 1960's. His early singing experience was in church and he first started performing at the age of 12. His father, Andy, financed Paul's first recording, "I Confess" when Paul was 14. In 1957, Paul went to New York City, where he auditioned for ABC Records and Don Costa.

3 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Pianists From The 1950's

In the realm of popular music it is a sad fact since the 1960s the great pianist has faded away. With the advent of the electronic keyboard first in the form of an electronic organ and eventually into the synthesizer, the traditional piano has been left to the balladeer. The piano is now associated with sad, slow songs. However in the 1950s there were some great, powerful pianist that could rock the house with the traditional acoustical sound.

Bon Jovi's Sidekick

Among many great guitar players that have paved their way in the music industry, by far and large Richie Sanbora of rock group Bon Jovi, has been one of my all time favorites. His style of playing has influenced me through the years and till this day. His melodic solo lines and unique rhythm playing has left a mark on many of their hits. There are many Bon Jovi tunes with Richie's flamboyant style which has quenched my thirst over the years (along with two solo albums to add to his career).

The Benefits Of Rap Beats

All forms of music rely on some kind of rhythm to set a pace for and drive it. The hip hop world is no exception. To make a song that really moves people a lyricist needs solid and thumping rap beats to get the show on the road. Now rhythms for rhymes can come in all volumes and at all kinds of speeds. This makes finding just the perfect bass track for a particular song rather difficult.

Who Invented The Acoustic Guitar With Strings Attached?

Since music has been around for quite some time, it was logical for early man to invent some instruments to accompany their voices. Perhaps humble beginnings with the knocking of two rocks or sticks together quickly evolved into more complex designs to produce better harmony and tones. Stringed instruments existed in all parts of the world as various cultures sported their own versions from single to multiple strings, shapes and sizes of all kinds.

Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson Releases Her Latest Record

I've given Wanda Jackson's new CD a couple of listens now and I can recommend it highly! I can't believe how much this 73-year-old lady sounds like she did 50 years ago when she was recording her seminal rockabilly tracks. Maybe you could say that her voice is a little thinner than it was back then, but if you did I'd say you were just looking for something to complain about!

Sad Love Songs

While sailing the seas of love, a sudden stormy wind can make us shocked, upset and distressed. Maybe a billions of words would not bring us back, neither would an ocean of tears, but, perhaps, listening to a sad love song could take us back, makes us feel, makes us cry again. A sad love song has the pain and sorrow that makes our eyes bloat with tears.

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