Another Music Service Crushed by iTunes and the Industry

I still remember the day iTunes launched. For years, recording artists and their labels had been fighting to prevent Internet users from downloading music off the net. Record companies saw compact discs as the only way to distribute music. Although there were small online music initiatives like the legalized Napster, there were practically no feasible online outlets for downloading quality music.

Jaron and Evan: The Distance

Everyone always raves about the Jaron and Evan hit: 'Crazy For This Girl', but this duo has another gem that--for my money--is a stronger, better song than nearly anything else they've done. 'The Distance' was released in 2000 to moderate reviews. Having found its way onto the soundtrack of 'Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, the song gained moderate popularity (frankly, that's where I first heard it, and scanned the end credits for the artist name) and has turned up in various fan-made online videos and tributes ever since.

Beginning Blues Guitar - Becoming a Legendary Blues Guitarist

The blue style of music has been popular since the early decades of the twentieth century. The blues was born in the Mississippi Delta during the 20th century. Initially, songs were played by slaves and the poor white folks as sorrow songs. Today with blues being the most popular style of music many people aspire to become blues guitar players and are keen on learning.

Beat Instrumentals And The Endless Opportunities

These beat instrumentals are the music heard at the back of a rap song and is composed by masses in the new technological era online and via available softwares and programs that help you cater to your beat instrumental needs to complement your lyrics! A large number of emcees will go for those instrumentals which have previously been used by big name rappers and sometimes get a lot of appreciation too.

Beginning Blues Guitar - 8 Tips On Becoming a Blues Guitar Player

Becoming a good blues guitar player is not an easy deal. Start with listening to your favorite blues guitarist and steal some licks. The blues scales are generally based on minor and pentatonic scales. If you want to discover the real blues you'll have to work on your finger picking techniques. Here are a few tips for becoming a better blues guitar player.

Piano Bench Guide - The Most Popular Bench Models and Styles

There are three distinct styles of piano benches that are currently sold today and used by the majority of pianists as well as other musicians including harpists, guitarists and percussionists. They include the traditional style duet bench, the adjustable bench and the double bench. Choosing the model of piano bench that is best for your needs is based on several parameters including how the bench will be used and where it will be located.

The Amazing Talented Lucienda Williams

Lucienda Williams is an amazing raw talented singer/songwriter. She has released several albums that have always been critically acclaimed. If it wasn't for Sirius radio, I would of never heard of her. In 2002, Time Magazine named her "America's Best Songwriter", and I happen to agree. Mary Chapin Carpenter recorded one of her songs "Passionate Kisses", the song became a big country hit for which Lucinda won a grammy award for best country song in 1994.

Best Def Leppard Ballads

Most people know Def Leppard for the big, bold rock anthems like 'Pour Some Sugar on Me', 'Armageddon It'..and who doesn't sing along to 'Photograph' in the car while flying down the highway? Come on! Admit it... you do it too! But Def Leppard ballads are probably some of the strongest, best songs the band ever produced, standing along-side anything the band has created.

History of Rap Music

Rapping is one if the most important key element in hip hop music. Although rap and hip hop seem similar, there are three main features that are distinguished between the two - musical attributes, community message, and culture. This music is considered to be an eclectic mix of poetry, beats, and rhyming. The subject in a rap may vary from anything from commercialism to relationships, and cover topics such as sex, violence, crime, socio-political issues, and life on the street.

Beat Boxing

Beat boxing is known as a type of vocal percussion that is often associated with the musical genre hip hop, although it can be used in a broad sense as well. It is considered as an art form whereby individuals produce rhythms, musical sounds, and beat using their mouth, tongue, lips, voice, throat and nasal passage. It has many influences. One influence stems from Indian tradition called "bol" (from the world "bolna, " which means to speak).

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