USB Turntable Reviews for the Artist in You

For the true blue DJ, nothing will beat the sound coming from a classic turntable playing the traditional vinyl record. With the advancing years and coupled with advanced technologies however, changes are and will be seen even those in the music business so its important to go have a look at some USB turntable reviews for updated information on the latest and going to be the biggest trend in the said industry.

Learn to Play Bass in a Jiffy

The guitar is one of the most commonly preferred instrument to be played with because it's easy to learn and easy to carry anywhere. However, the guitar comes in a variety. There are acoustic guitars, electric guitars and the bass guitar. Although these guitars differ in any way yet it is easy to jam with. Even five year olds can play the guitar well.

Rock and Roll God: Learn to Play Bass

Paramore, Linkin Park and most of the rocking bands wouldn't be complete without the bass. The bassist puts on the mood to the music. The bass guitar is the lower tone you hear that adds rhythm and balance to the beat. You can hear the wonderful melody of the bass when you close your eyes during a rock show. It's that tone that wraps up the intense high notes the lead guitar brings.

Guitar Posture

Beginner Lesson on Posture The first time you pick up a guitar it can look like a daunting challenge, becoming the guitarist you want to be may seem like a far away dream. Infact all it takes is a few chords, a few scales and perhaps most importantly the right attitude and you'll find that achieving what you want to do on your guitar is closer than you thought.

Rap Beats Can Make Lyrics Come To Life

The life and soul of almost every kind of music is in the bass rhythms that drive it. All music needs a heart. Rap beats are the heart of the hip hop universe and it is all the better for it.. The tempo is a big factor, depending on the intensity of the song and the style in which it is written of course. This adds to the difficulty in finding the perfect bass track for any lyrical work.

8 Reasons You Should Play the Piano!

Has it always been a dream of yours to play the piano? Are you wondering, "Can I Play Piano?" I'm here to say, of course you can! I prepared this post for people just like you. When I started playing the piano I was five years old and to be honest it was bit challenging for a number of years. The importance of piano practice was not on my priority list, I mean let's face it, I had chicks to hang out with!

The Difference Between Student and Professional Yamaha Flutes

Finding the perfect flute that will suit you is only a matter of personal preference. Whether you are a student or a professional, it is still your personal opinion if a flute is good or not. The truth about this is that a flute that feels correct to one musician may not be as good as what other musicians think. This is the main reason why Yamaha made several models of flutes for professionals and amateurs.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Jupiter Flutes

Among the different musical instruments, woodwind instruments are one of the most prone to damage and accidents. Usually, these damages and accidents happen if they are not put into their cases after using. If these instruments are left in the bedrooms without any protection, you can subsequently sit on them without knowing. Most of these instruments end up being in a shape of a banana.

Suicide Silence

The suicide silence band is an all American music band group. The band is composed of five talented people. One of these people include lead vocalist, who is Mitch Locker. Other members of the band are Chris Garza, Mark Helymun, Alex Lopez as well as Danny Kenny. The band was formally formed in the year of 2002 and has been actively performing very successfully until presently.

Why So Many Cities Claim the Irish Song I'll Tell Me Ma

The Irish song I'll Tell Me Ma has become well known in folk music circles across the world. It is such a popular song that cities all over the Ireland and even some in England and Scotland claim it as their own. It can evoke a lot of civic pride among folk music communities. Most versions refer to girl at the centre of the song as the Belle of Belfast City, but this may just be because the 'belle of Belfast' has a nice ring to it.

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