The Top 5 Cover Songs of All Time

Some cover songs can be dreadful but every now and then a new version comes along which out does the original in a new and creative way which we never thought possible. There are so many to choose from it can make your head spin. Here are few of the best. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Roberta Flack, 1971 Original by - Shirelles, 1960 This song was originally written by Carole King about her ex-boyfriend Neil Sedaka and is about love, loss and heart-break and the day after an encounter with a man.

The Beatles Timeline 1965-1970

Continued from article The Beatles Timeline 1957-1964 In the February of 1965 Ringo Star marries Maureen Cox and the band record their new album Help and second movie of the same title. The movie was filmed in the Bahamas. Ticket to Ride tops the charts for three weeks in April. In June they receive MBE's from the Queen and Lennon second book A Spaniard in the Works is published.

Music And What It Means To Us

Music is used for many different things. It is used for exercising, dancing, relaxing, and even praising God. When people are happy they listen to something with an up beat. When they are sad or lonely they listen to slow songs. When someone wants to celebrate they listen to loud up lifting songs. A song can reflect how a person feels, it can also change the way someone feels.

Gotta Have That Rockabilly Look - Really?

On my blog recently there's been a discussion starting about the "rules" of being a modern rockabilly band. In one of my posts I admitted that when I first started playing in a rockabilly band years ago, I didn't even know enough about rockabilly to realize that my bass guitar wasn't "authentic" rockabilly gear. All I knew is that I loved the sound of the music and I wanted to play it.

A Note on Songwriting Contests

A songwriting contest is basically a contest in which people submit their songs to be evaluated by judges. The winners are usually rewarded with prizes such as cash, gifts or even contracts with music recording companies. It is a great way of making a start in the song writing carrier. These contests do not discriminate between starters and the professionals and give equal opportunities to both.

Rockabilly and Tragedy Seem to Have Gone Hand in Hand

With all of the joy that has sprung from rockabilly music, it's sometimes difficult to fathom the tragedy that seems to have plagued the early pioneers. Many of the greatest rockabilly artists had their careers--and in many cases their lives--cut short by accidental injury and death. Many others succumbed to the tragedy of substance abuse and other problems that came between them and the happiness they sought.

Multitrack Recording Software for Rap and Hip Hop Production

What is the best multitrack recording software for rap and hip hip production on the internet today? Well, it depends a great deal on what you want from your multitrack recording software, and how much you are prepared to pay for it. Like anything in the music industry today, you can get a version which works but only to a lesser standard, and so in the long run it really is entirely useless, or you can dig a little harder, pay a small amount and come up with a product which is powerful and able to help launch your music career!

Songwriting Contest - What to Do and How to Do

A songwriting contest can be very helpful for people who have a passion for writing songs and want to make a mark in this field. A song writing contest provides a platform for the talented and budding song writers. Participating in a contest and contending against others in your field is itself a big achievement for youngsters and newcomers. You get to meet and share your thoughts with the people who have same interests.

Easy Ways To Create Your Own Rap Beats For Sale

Beats are certainly an important part of any type of music. In fact, rhythm, harmony, and symphony can be created with the help of these beats. There are different types of beats, and among them the beats for rap music are certainly essential. If you are into rap music or maybe an up and coming rapper you must be aware of this fact. However, if you are an up and coming rap artist, creating your own rap beats for sale can be done on a budget and is easy to do as long as you have talent.

How to Karaoke on a Tight Budget With Used Karaoke Systems

If you think your budget is too tight to be able to have a good karaoke machine, don't think too much because there is a better option for you - to buy used karaoke systems. Regardless of age, time, and place, karaoke is awesome for entertainment. To own a good karaoke system is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity for bonding time with family and friends, and a life saver to a memorable party and occasions.

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