Drumming Lessons 101: Maintenance

The drums, as big as they are, require modest cleaning. In fact, you can use a feather duster to wipe away three months' worth of dust off of your drum kit and it'll do fine. But then again, if you can put more love to your drums, it'll stay with you for a longer period of time. Now if you're just starting to take drumming lessons, then here are a few drum-cleaning habits that you should learn to ensure your instrument's performance life.

Types of Pianists

If you have ever played this dreaded and heavy instrument that's called the piano, chances are that you fall into one of the following categories. The recreational pianist: A recreational pianist is a person that has studied the piano at some point in his life, probably while still at school, and is practising now and then. He likes to play tunes from the radio and can read fake music fairly well, but takes ages to learn an averagely advance classical piece and usually gives up practising swiftly until the next time he feels like playing again.

What Make Hymns Poignant?

What exactly is so special regarding hymns? How come they matter? I believe hymns matter for several reasons. Hymns are usually meaningful, poignant, relevant, beautiful, and also reverent. Quite a lot of Christian music falls into this category too. In this article, I would like to discover each and every feature as listed above. Assuming that you've not already, have a look at part one in this collection of articles entitled, 'Why Hymns Are Important.

Best Iron Maiden Songs

I really don't need to delve very much into Iron Maiden's influence on rock and metal music. Their stellar career has brought us more than 20 releases, including live albums, videos, studio records and even some documentaries on the band. Coming up with a best Iron Maiden album is a hard task in itself, so trying to make a short list of their best songs is a lot harder.

The Perfect Karaoke Wireless Microphone

When you and your friends are singing karaoke, obviously you would really want to make use of a good quality karaoke wireless microphone so that you, your friends and other guests will be able to hear clearly the song you are singing. It is also very important to make use of a good quality karaoke microphone even if you are at clubs and karaoke bars.

Get Your Career Underway Today With Beat Software

Beat software hasn't been around very long, it is still a fresh development in the music production industry. This kind of software may change the way music is recorded altogether. A great thing about being able to utilize music writing software is the ability to offer studio level recordings from the comfort of your own home and your own computer.

Another Slice of Cake - The Band, That Is!

I'm about to drop the F-bomb. That's right, 'Federal Funding' from Cake's new album is da bomb! Great tune, but that's just the start of it. All the nutty sounds are there, all the wry sarcasm and off-kilter vocals are just the way you like them. This is definitely Cake. The band that brought you 'The Distance' and 'Never there' is back with organic pop just this side of alternative, and still fun and funny as hell.

Ultimate Vocal Release Review

We have all noticed the recent popularity of merchandise claiming they'll help you teach yourself the ability, most notably singing and guitar courses. Unfortunately, no matter the claims are most of those programs are rubbish. Thankfully, Vocal Unharness saves the day as this program is totally wonderful! The great factor regarding Vocal Unleash is how effective it is for both beginners and advanced singers alike;

Tips for Finding a Good Sale on a Karaoke Machine

Why would you look for the sale of a karaoke machine when there are karaoke places everywhere offering the total experience of singing in public? This is where you can feel like a celebrity for a few minutes and deal with your stage fright when you sing in front of a lot of people. You might find this a very cool experience. Other people might also get a little embarrassed when they're singing in public.

The Beatles Timeline 1957-1964

At 17 John Lennon formed his first band with class mates from the Quarry Bank Grammar school. They were known as Black Jacks for a short time before they changed their name to Quarry Men. The music was a mixture of skiffe, folk, jazz and blues which was popular at the time. Their first performance was on the back of a lorry in Roseberry Street and were paid nothing.

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