Bonnaroo 2011: The Greenest Music Festival of 2011?

Bonnaroo is considered by some as one of the hottest music festivals of the year. But will it also be one of the greenest? As news of their 2011 lineups hit the streets (Eminem, Lil Wayne and Arcade Fire, to name a few) it's worth mentioning that in 2010, the Bonnaroo green team set-out to reduce the show's ecological footprint to zero. That's commendable because we should all be doing our part to reduce our footprint: 2010 was tied for the warmest year on record, and climate change is to most probably explanation for the year's more frequent and severe storms.

Marimba Plans - Why It Might Be Worth It To Buy Them

You can probably find free marimba plans on the internet. The question is how good are they going to be? Will you be able to finish the project up without a lot of frustration? This might be one of those times when being "penny wise and pound foolish" really is foolish. In the end it comes down to how professional looking and efficient you want your marimba to be.

Beginning Blues Guitar - In What Ways Has Blues Influenced Today's Music?

Blues music is one of the earliest forms of music and it has remained to be popular even after several decades. Aside from the popularity of the genre itself, they have made a huge impact on the music scene. To learn what big of an impact it has on today's music and to help beginning blues guitar students, read more below to find out. Introduction of Scream to Rock N Roll Rock music of today is characterized by its use of screaming vocals.

Here Are 4 Easy Guitar Lessons For The Beginning Guitarist

So you want to learn to play guitar and now you need to take lessons. Did you know it's possible to take easy guitar lessons without having to spend any money? Below you'll discover four very easy lessons to help you learn the very basics of how to play guitar. Your First Easy Guitar Lesson is - How To Hold Your Guitar. Usually, as you start to learn, you will be sitting in a chair and you should have the guitar resting on your leg.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Flute

Any professional musician or music enthusiast would understand the true significance of musical instruments. But most such instruments come at a steep price and it is very important to take excellent care of them to ensure their longevity. A flute, for instance, needs good care too. Try the tips below to maintain your flute and keep it 'play ready ' for many years.

Songs By Def Leppard - In The Sparkle Lounge

We already reviewed the Def Lepp spinoff, Man Raze, so we can't help but take notice when the fab five blast their way back onto the scene with the glamolicious 'Songs from the Sparkle Lounge'. Songs by Def Leppard are generally considered to be guitar-heavy, raging vocal numbers with eternally memorable choruses. And while there is no shortage of this fine formula here, da Lepps have enthusiastically mixed it up a bit on this release.

Liven Up Winter With Chicago Jazz

Is there a better way to spend a winter in Chicago than with a healthy dose of jazz music? Jazz lovers of all ages enjoy the trendy music scene in Chicago. You can, too. Aside from being able to stay indoors and sheltered from the harsh environment, you can satisfy your craving for inspiring music while enjoying good company and a lively atmosphere in one of the popular jazz clubs around the city.

How to Choose the Best Live Party Bands

What is the best way to add zing to a special event? Without doubt, it's by hiring a top live party band. When you want your guests to remember your party or dance for days or weeks afterward, make certain that a party band is an element of your event. For remarkably little cost you will discover scores of great live party bands which will turn a simple celebration into an unforgettable event.

Hotel California

The Eagles is one of the most famous rock bands in the history of music in the United States. This band, which formed in Los Angeles in 1971, is composed of Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, and Don Henley. Over its life in the limelight, it has reached five number one singles, won six Grammy awards, and topped six albums. The band is among the most successful recording artists during the era of the 1970s.

The Beatles - Here, There and Everywhere

They were the most famous rock group to ever grace the music scene. The Beatles, which formed in Liverpool in 1960, sang their way to the hearts of music fans all over the world. John Lennon (rhythm guitar and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar and vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar and vocals), and Ringo Star (drums and vocals) comprised the band which brought around the globe the phenomenal Beatlemania.

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