Learn How to Become a DJ

There are three kinds of people who aspire to be DJs -- those content to play video games, those who'd like to play weddings or private parties and a person who dreams of the big time -- mixing at fancy clubs for enthusiastic crowds. Fortunately there are options available for every type of wanna-be DJ.

Thanks to the popularity of the video game Guitar Hero, there are now games for all music styles and mixing DJ music is no exception. For those under 21 years of age, playing a video game is a good way to discover if you have real interest and in this art form, or whether it's a passing fad. With a game you'll be able to inspire your imagination while developing skills to use later on.

For a person that has bigger aspirations (like earning a living by playing music) here's the good news. If you have decent music taste and a big song collection, you can promote yourself in your hometown as a wedding DJ. Various Google keyword searches for "wedding DJ" and other variants collectively get tens of thousands of hits per month, demonstrating the legitimacy of this market. If you can become an expert in specific styles or bring a distinctive character to your performance to help you stand out, you have a better chance of succeeding.

Wedding DJs need to make a significant equipment investment -- CD players, mixers, sound-systems, headphones and possibly lighting effects. Fortunately many of this gear can be rented when you're just starting out, but as you progress you'll be able to buy your own equipment.

The final kind of DJ aspirant wants to reach the big time. Glitzy clubs, underground parties and raves mixing breakbeat, house, trance and a variety of other music styles. If you are the kind of person who breathes and sleeps electronica music, then this is the direction for you. But listen to the advice of a DJ for 10 years who stumbled in his first couple of years -- if you aspire to be a real DJ in the clubs you must focus on a specific type of music, whether house, drum n bass, breakbeat, etc) and stick with it. Most newbies can't distinguish genres in the beginning and the fact is, you have to make a definitive choice and specialize in a single style.

Practice at home and then prepare for fame by DJing your friend's parties. It's a great way to hone your skills in front of a merciful audience in preparation for the big time!

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