A Short Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Well it was inevitable. This has been coming from day one, you knew it and I knew it. The signs have been there littered throughout the previous weeks and months and finally today the nerd that I am is going to burst out of the tentative shackles and rise to the surface. That's right I'm going to talk about Star Wars. You can take that look off your face, this is as much your fault as it is mine, it has been your encouragement that has taken me this far and you must shoulder your burden of blame.

Ageless Classics - World Cinema

Lawrence of Arabia (1962): Director: David Lean Cinematography: Freddie young Cast: Peter O'Toole (Lawrence), Omar Sharif (Ali), Alec Guinness (Prince Faisal), Anthony Quinn (Auda Abu Tayi) EPIC, EPIC, EPIC, EPIC, EPIC... ... This is a complete cinematic wonder with each and every aspect of moving making captured like never before. Lawrence of Arabia is a 3hrs 39mins of awesome British saga based on the life of T.

The Real Von Trapp Family History - Part 1

Perhaps more than any other family in the world, the von Trapps' history has been immortalized on stage and screen and has captivated the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. No other name conjures up such vivid memories or ardent admiration as does the name "von Trapp". The legendary story of this musical family's escape from Nazi Austria is one of the best-loved tales in recent history.

How the Entertainment Industry Influences Writers

For many long years I've watched so many films and TV series that at times I wished I was part of them. It's sort of funny that when your watching the new version of the A-Team that I was hoping it to be slightly better than normal but in general Inspiration by watching all kinds of forms or just listing to books. Can help anyone that wants to break into the writing field.

The Three Best Movie Stunts Involving Vehicles

Stunts play a big role in movies, and an entire industry now revolves around it. Car stunts are even more impressive and movie directors are always trying to come up with even more impressive stunts to make a lasting impression on viewers. In fact, stunts now play such an important role there are now awards dedicated to these and a career as a stuntman looks great on a resume.

Exclusive Young Academic Interview With Karl Pilkington

ST: Karl, your new book 'Happy Slapped by a Jellyfish - The Words of Karl Pilkington' was released on October 4th, about your memories of travelling the globe - should readers be expecting another laugh a minute following your release of last year (The Words of Karl Pilkington). KP: Don't know if it's a laugh a minute. Depends on how fast you read.

How to Rent Bollywood DVDs

Whether you're craving an old Bollywood classic such as 'Awaara' from 1950 or waiting with bated breath for a new release such as 'No-one Killed Jessica' from 2010 DVD rental can be one of the best ways to get your hands on the Indian films you love. In the UK and elsewhere in Europe popular Bollywood films receive wide releases and, in fact, some studios produce films specifically to appeal to Asian audiences abroad.

Red 2010 - Movie Review

RED Retired: Extremely Dangerous - that's RED for you and the numerous young CIA agents who find this out the hard way. A spy drama, woven around the lives of few ex-CIA field agents, who have retired, but seems are not tired or worn out, neither they have forgotten the tricks of the trade, nor the instinct to survive in the deceitful world of espionage and counter-espionage.

10 Must See Wedding Movies

Wedding Movies are all about... weddings! They make a fun gift for a Bride-To-Be and they make fun watching in the weeks and months before the wedding! What better way to get into Wedding mode than with a great movie! Even if you're not actually getting married, it's fun to dream about meeting that perfect guy and one day walking down the aisle to meet him!

Information On Voice Over Jobs And What It Entails

What is one of the few professions in television and media sourcing that could get you really famous, make you a celebrity, and make you a millionaire irrespective of you not having a drop dead gorgeous face or body? Well it is a Voice Over job. This job is not as easy as people may have come to think of it. Most importantly it involves talent and something that any competitive industry may expect of you: consistency and hard work.

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