Harry Potter Facts

There can be many different ways to learn about Harry Potter facts. One very is not the most important and interesting ways is to take a tour with movie Tours London. There are many different options available for individuals that are intrigued with the series. People can choose to take a walking tour of some amazing sites. They also have the option of taking longer excursions throughout the entire country of England if they are interested in doing so.

Doctor Who Facts That Can Be Learned On Tour

Individuals that are very interested in Doctor Who facts can learn many facts if they choose to go on tour with movie Tours London. Most of these individuals are very serious about their support of the program. There are many different options available for the tour. If an individual does not have a lot of time they can go on a four-hour journey through the London sites used for the program.

Comic Book Movies: The Best and Worst

If you were to rate the best and worst comic book movies, what movies would your list contain? You probably admire the adaptation of certain features of characters or the use of certain super weapons that just made that comic worth watching as long as you could. However, let me break it down in a way that we all can agree the best and the worst comic book movies.

Celebrity News: Orange Rising Star Awards Nominees Announced

Awards season is well and truly here and over the next few weeks the celebrity news pages will be filled with listsof nominations, wins, losses and fabulous red carpet fashion. But one annual honours list has jumped ahead of the others to praise emerging Hollywood talent with a bright future. The Orange Rising Star Awards is now into its sixth year and has collected together a bunch of the finest acting talent to have appeared on screens in the last 12 months.

Television And Movies And Their Lasting Effects On Our Psyche

Some movies (and television shows) make us laugh or cry, while others make us take more notice of the world around us. Have you ever watched a film that made you angry about all the injustices in the world? What about a movie that got you interested in a subject you wouldn't have been interested in otherwise? Ever heard a bump in the night and thought about the horror movie you saw the night before?

I Always Had a Crush on SRK: Vidya Balan

We caught up with talented and beautiful Vidya Balan, who was in Bangalore to attend the 56th Filmfare Awards and Idea Press Conference. Vidya looked stunning in red and orange kanjivaram saree and was on cloud nine to be associated with the 56th Idea Filmfare Awards. Reason was good enough; she was felicitated with the black lady for her outstanding performance in Paa in 2009.

Film News: Nominations Announced for BAFTA Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award

Every year, we enter the start of the awards season both in the United Kingdom and across the pond in Hollywood. Many film reviewers use the upcoming BAFTA awards to predict who they believe will see the most success at the Oscars, which follows shortly after it. Ahead of the forthcoming 2011 BAFTA Awards ceremony, the Academy has revealed who has been nominated for the Orange Wednesday Rising Star Award, the only award to be decided by a vote cast by the general public.

Film Review: The Latest 'Buzz' About The Green Hornet

I'll be honest with you, the only American comic book heroes I know off the top of my head are mostly all of the well-known ones, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman to name a few. But over the last few years, the cinemas have been packed with movie adaptations of nearly every comic book hero. Some have been a resounding success; Batman Begins and its sequel The Dark Knight come to mind.

What Is a Mass Medium?

Every medium is not a mass medium. Theatre is not a mass medium. Plays are performed. Enjoyed by the audience and then it is only in one's memory. Secondly the experience is limited to those who are physically present at a given place and at a given time. Depending upon the content and the functions they serve the media can be classified as art media and communication media.

A Decade in Horror - Scream 4 Preview

It's been about eleven years since "Scream 3", and since then, many new horror trends have emerged. The mindless teen-slasher renaissance seems to have come and gone (for the most part), giving way to big-studio remakes/reboots of classic horror franchises ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Halloween", "Dawn of the Dead", "Friday the 13th", etc.

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