The Lasting Power of Moira Kelly

Moira Kelly isn't a name you'll see much in the tabloids or on the celeb gossip sites. Because of that, it may surprise you to know she's been around for more than 20 years. It's difficult to forget who Jennifer Aniston is, although she hasn't done a really good movie since 2002's The Good Girl because she's in our faces every day. Whether on the cover of a tabloid still trying to embroil us in some crazy feud between her and Angeline Jolie, or on the cover of a magazine where Jen has posed nude and Photoshopped yet again, she's constantly there, trying way too hard to remain relevant.

Rumor Has It Gossip Girl Won't Last Much Longer

This is the problem with teen dramas. Teens grow up, and so do the actors. Although, by its very nature, acting requires pretending to be someone else, it can get tedious for an adult to continue to play someone many years their junior. And when it's on a continuous basis for a television series, it can get old very quickly. And that seems to be what's happening with certain Gossip Girl cast members.

Oscar Nominations Inspire Halloween Costumes

Roll out the red carpet because it's officially Oscar season! With the recent nominees for various awards recently announced, everyone is a buzz about who will be taking home the golden statues on February 27th, 2011. Of course, for those of use interested in costumes of all types, especially the high-budget costumes of the silver screen, perhaps the best category of the night will be for Costume Design.

Salute M-A-S-H With Army Costumes

In 1983, the critically acclaimed sitcom M*A*S*H aired its final episode after 11 seasons and was watched by 77 percent of the television viewing audience. This was the largest number ever to tune into a single TV show up until that time, just proving how popular the heavy-issue sitcom was with fans everywhere. You can give a nod of approval to M*A*S*H by dressing up in a costume reminiscent of one of the many memorable characters in the cast.

The Season 12 Cast of Dancing With the Stars

Finally! The wait is over. Monday night, in a press conference format, ABC finally announced the names of the celebrities who will be dancing in season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. Here are the celebrities you'll see when the show premiers on March 21, 2011 on ABC. Sugar Ray Leonard. Ray Charles Leonard (better known as Sugar Ray Leonard) is a retired professional boxer.

Nargis - A Spirited Actress

Nargis, considered to be one of the most well-known actresses in the Indian Hindi film industry, was born as Fatima Rashid. Her screen name means 'Narcissus', the flower. Making her screen debut as a child actress in the 1935 movie Talash-E-Haq, she began her actual acting career with the 1942 film Tamanna. She was introduced into the world of cinema by her mother Jaddanbai, who was a classical singer and courtesan, to avoid her from becoming a courtesan too.

Madhubala - The Immortal Beauty of Indian Cinema

In an era that was characterized by stalwarts of Indian film industry such as Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Nargis and many others, Madhubala left an indelible mark on Indian cinema with her petite beauty and vivacious charm. Born to Muslim parents who originally lived in Afghanistan, Madhubala retained a strong loyalty to her father until her death in 1969.

Hollywood and Its Influence on Society Considered

It is amazing the amount of influence which Hollywood is able to exert on our society, culture, and civilization, and perhaps, it's like that old saying; "life imitates art" is really true. The other day, I was discussing this with a young successful actor in Hollywood. And he is not only a talented author but also a deep thinker, as he attends college while pursuing his career.

Online DVD Rentals - Why Use A DVD Rental Service?

Online DVD rentals have transformed home movie watching Online DVD rentals have transformed the way that people rent DVDs and the move away from physical video stores has been swift and considerably painless. There is a growing population of internet users out there and it is very easy to use the online DVD rentals system to order DVDs. Once you have chosen which movie rental site to use, with the Blockbuster DVD rental being one of the options available, you can start to access the thousands of DVDs that are available to choose from.

The Digital Revolution Is Here

We've spent a lot of time in the last decade debating the Plasma Television set, LCD TV, and HDTVs but those talks are becoming classics from the past. The second decade of the second millennium will probably be about the 3D TV and 3D projections. If you have been living beneath a stone for the past year, or not been following the out-of-this-world-buzz that 3d Televisions are producing, then let me catch you up on the full affair.

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