Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Profile Characteristics: Caroline has long blond hair and a pale complexion. She is bright and cheerful with a streak of bitchiness that makes her very competitive, especially around Elena. Caroline isn't good at keeping things secret and when Bonnie pushes her for information about Damon and Stefan she asks, "When have you ever kept a secret in your life?

Vampire Diaries Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman Profile Characteristics: Intelligent and handsome with brown hair and blue eyes. Personality: Arriving at Mystic Falls, he is the new history teacher and is a lot friendlier than Mr. Tanner. Character History: Season 1: Alaric Saltzman is the new history teacher at Mystic Falls High School after Mr. Tanner died. He is an easy-going person that helps give Jeremy Gilbert a clean slate to start with.

Vampire Diaries Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett Profile Characteristics: Bonnie is a seventeen-year-old, African-American, student at Mystic Falls High School. She has chocolate-brown hair and green eyes. She is best friends with Elena Gilbert. She also has a range of supernatural powers including clairvoyance, pyrokinesis, telekinesis and aquakinesis thanks to the lineage of Witches in her family.

Will Smith's Best Films

Many musicians have tried their turn at the other arm of the entertainment industry, movies. Few have succeeded really though, becoming respectable actors. As far as I'm concerned, none have done it better than Will Smith, though. Starting out as the wise-cracking Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith wasn't taken as a serious actor so much. However, over the years he has turned in some very good performances that have garnered him the respect of many movie lovers.

The Nutcracker in 3D

Upcoming movie, "The Nutcracker in 3D, " is set in Vienna in the 1920s. While you don't meet Freud in the movie, he's referred to occasionally. This is appropriate as the heroine of the movie, Mary, played by Elle Fanning, has definitely got something wrong with her. Not only can she bring toy soldiers to life in her imagination but also imagines society being run by rats that resemble Nazis in the Holocaust.

Movies in Aurora, CO - Picks of Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado

Being a resident of the city myself, I knew that there were quite a few choices in terms of movies in Aurora, CO, but was actually surprised to find the total number of theaters in the general area. While there are quite a few choices, the ones closest to the heart of Aurora that also provide online ticketing for convenience brings the choices down a bit - here they are: AMC Southlands 16 in Aurora - The Southlands 16 Theater is rather large, offering some nice options for moviegoers.

Tron Legacy Soundtrack and Special Effects

Tron, film produced by Disney was released in the year 1982. At that time it was considered as a computer miracle. As this was a film that had computer graphics. Everybody considered it to be a wonder at that time because the technology that was available at that time was very minimal to produce such graphics miracle. Now with latest development in computer graphics and sound effects Tron has great expectations riding on it.

Shockwave Will Be The New Villain For Transformers 3

As most fans of the Transformers already know, July 1, 2011 will be the official release of the third and final film entitled Transformers: The Dark of The Moon. Director Michael Bay brings back the original cast (without Megan Fox, though, since she's been replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) for this one and he also introduces new robots along the way.

Escape to Tropical Getaways in High Definition

Winter has arrived in most regions and it is here to stay for the season. While the excitement of the holidays masks cold weather blues, the beginning of the year almost always brings freezing temperatures. If you want to keep your home connected to warmer climates, the Travel Channel offers high definition images that will make you feel like the tropical heat is near.

Satellite TV Brings People Together With Interactive Programming

As home entertainment technology evolves people struggle with the idea of spending quality time together. An evening in front of the television together with family or friends can feel like quality time for some and the opposite for others. With the advancement of home entertainment products and services we have a world of options at our fingertips.

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