Uncensored Confession of an Independent Movie Producer

This uncensored confession of an independent movie producer is being shared with readers that want to be in the entertainment business, are in the entertainment business, or are fascinated by the entertainment business that thrives outside of the glitz of celebrity. I am only one of many independent movie producers that work hard to make movies to feed their creative passion and pay their bills.

Thrillbillies Episode List

Thrillbillies is a popular new action-packed adventure comedy show that is made by the same people that brought you "Nitro Circus". The show follows a few men that are self-proclaimed "Thrillbillies" or essentially hillbillies that perform adrenaline-pumping stunts for your entertainment. The group is comprised of athletes and stuntmen that test their luck as well as the laws of physics on stunts that make you shudder.

A Brilliant Journey Into the Macabre

If you are one of those who believed that there are things incorruptible by the darkness of the human soul then Black Swan is bound to change that. Imagine ballet and imagine your darkest fear. Now imagine the both of them together and you'd get an idea what to expect from Black Swan. The story of a ballerina, who pushes herself to do things she never knew she was capable of to explore her dark side in order to play two different characters, sounds a pretty straight tale but the Black Swan is far from that.

Naruto 530 Spoilers and Predictions

After a noticeably long absence, Naruto returns to his titular manga. It's only a brief appearance, but it's nice to be reminded that the main character is still kicking around. This week, we open upon Bee and Naruto as Naruto continues to train. Bee thinks that Naruto is close to figuring out the tailed beast bomb, but Naruto is having trouble concentrating because he can sense a disturbance in the force.

The Brave Little 'Brit' Film!

Albert, the Duke of York (Colin Firth) has everything going for him but his speech impediment has always stopped him from living a glorious public life. Fondly called Bertie, the Duke has tried all the tricks in the book to overcome his stammering but nothing seems to work. Although Bertie's father, King George V (Michael Gambon), understands his son's troubles, he nevertheless tries it the old school way to push the lad every now and then hoping things would get better.

The Tudors Showtime Series

The Tudors is a Showtime original historical fiction series that is based upon the reign of King Henry VIII of England. The show is named after the Tudor dynasty and was created by Michael Hirst. There are four seasons of The Tudors. Season one covers the reign during the period when the King has much international conflict and political intrigue to deal with.

Green Screen on TV - The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is the name of a satirical political show that airs on television lat in the night from Mondays to Thursdays, in America. It is broadcast on the channel Comedy Central and is hosted by Stephen Colbert who is a noted political humorist and was previously a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The Colbert Report criticizes common politics oriented shows.

Music In Smallville Delivers True Emotion To Audience

When looking at television shows, there are numerous facets that can take it over the top. From the plots to the characters to the emotion that is expressed, every little detail can captivate an audience. But sometimes it is the music that will give it that last little edge, which is precisely what can be found from the music in Smallville. Smallville is an American television series that is based on the DC Comics character Superman.

Amazon Instant Video: Everything You Need to Know

Being able to watch movies from the Internet is a convenience most welcome. This eliminates the need for you to go to video rental stores, having to return the videos on time, and paying for late fees. When you watch a movie on the Internet, you can simply go to the web site again and again and have it streamed. However, some may find this tedious and boring.

Some Of The Best Boxing Movies Of All Time

Sports movies deliver chills, thrills and goose bumps when done right. They can bring cheers during triumph and tears upon defeat. Boxing is one of those sports that has intrigued people for years and some of the greatest movies of all time have come from within the ring. While everyone has a different list, here are what some consider to be the top five greatest boxing movies of all time.

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