What Is Schizophrenia, Part 2

For sufferers of schizophrenia a life of institutions or living on the streets is unfortunately all too common. A life of isolation or dependence on a system for care does not however, need to be the end all for individuals with this disorder. When a proper balance of medication, treatment, and support is in place, individuals can function in society.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is a disabling problem characterized by excessive clutter. This will be an extreme accumulation that are part of a home can not be used for their purpose. Because of the compulsive hoarding is often found in patients with other diseases such as schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the experts found that the best kind of cognitive-behavioral treatment of the disease.

Borderline Personality Disorder Test

Borderline Personality Disorder known as BPD is a type of mental illness which is considered to be quite serious. It is characterized by instability in behavior, moods, interpersonal relations and self-image. Family and work life, long term planning and awareness of one's individual identity is usually affected by this instability. People with BPD often find it difficult to regulate their emotions.

How Words Can Affect The Health of Our Children

There are many parents these days including myself who are overly concerned about what their kids are eating and that is justified as proper nutrition is one of the main keys to living a long and healthy life. The one thing that we do not often think about is how our kids overall health is affected by the words we speak to them and the way that we say them.

Are You Psychologically Fit?

We hear a lot about physical fitness. Every town has at least one, and probably several, gyms. You see people jogging around town and television infomercials are filled with the latest workout program or gadget to help you get into shape. There is no question that physical fitness is important. But, what about psychological fitness? Physical fitness can be measured in terms of weight, body fat, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, etc.

Stupid, Fat and Ugly - Or?

Who has not been called stupid, fat or ugly at some time in their life? And, who has not felt hurt by such comments? Even as an adult, to be called any one of those can be hurtful. And, also, to be called the opposite of any one of those would make us feel great. How would you feel if you were told you were smart, fit and beautiful? Of course, it is not really being told either of those extremes that make us feel up or down;

OCD Obsessive Thoughts - But They Differ From Country To Country

Gede lives in Bali. He's an anxious, haggard looking man and he's just broken a glass. He goes to his notebook that lies on the living room table. Carefully, deliberately, he opens it, then takes his pen and writes down what type of glass it was, the exact time he broke it, including the day and the year. Then he checks his entry and re-checks it.

Concept of Mental Health

It is easier to define mental illness than mental health. Even though we don't always suffer any apparent diagnosable mental ailments it is evident that in regard to mental health a man differs from the other. Some of us are mentally healthier than the others. Mental health is the combination of genetic, biological, psychological and environmental factors.

Information Concerning ADHD

ADHD Hyperfocus Trait is Helpful During the Holidays Having ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, during the holidays can be a real bonus, due to the symptom of hyperfocusing. When one is able to focus, really focus, on just one task, it can often be accomplished more effectively and efficiently than usual, leaving extra time to tackle all the additional to-do projects that can pile up on anyone's list at this time of year.

How To Improve The Capabilities of Your Brain

You may have come across a few people who are very sharp and at the same time, you may have also come across some dull people. If you want to improve your mental sharpness, it is definitely possible but for achieving it, you should do a few simple things. The problem is due to aging also, you lose your sharpness. Alzheimer's disease is due to aging and people who are affected by it lose their memory.

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