Outdoor Remedies for ADHD

It's a little-known fact that regular exercise reduces the symptoms of ADHD. Exercise gives the postural muscles a chance to stretch and provide the mental stimulation the brain needs. Aside from that, regular exercise relieves stress, is a healthy outlet for hyperactive children, and has a positive effect on brain chemistry by triggering the release of endorphins and serotonins.

Bipolar Disorder in Psychotherapy

Individuals with bipolar disorder struggle with a sense of internal damage so pervasive they feel there's no realistic hope for improvement, leading to a search for "magical" solutions instead. This article will provide a case illustration of this dynamic: a young man in his 20s who might have been considered "cyclothymic" rather than receiving a full diagnosis of bipolar disorder, though his mood swings demonstrate the same high/low dynamics.

Treating ADHD Naturally - Latest News From The Experts On How To Raise Kids Successfully

Figures vary but given that some estimates say that one in ten children in the USA may have ADHD, people are desperately trying to get off the medication treadmill. They are doing this because there are side effects and health risks associated with these meds. They now know that there are ways of treating ADHD naturally. One of best ways of treating ADHD naturally is to have a long hard look at what we are giving our children to eat and drink.

ADHD Causes: Phthalates

You are probably aware that chemicals and environmental pollutants are among the environmental causes of ADHD. The nervous system of young children has not yet reached a point where the developing brain can be protected from the toxins and chemicals in the environment. In other words, children are more sensitive to the effects of environmental pollutants than adults and should be protected from harmful chemicals as much as possible.

Common Mistakes in the ADHD Diagnosis

An ADHD diagnosis can be very helpful in treating problem behaviors and poor academic performance. After all, you can't start treating a disorder unless you have a name for it. What's worrisome about the diagnosis these days is that there are a number of doctors who write prescriptions for AHDD medications after checking off a grocery list of symptoms.

A Picture Perfect Pattern Interrupt

The other night my husband and I ventured out in the arctic air for some much needed social interaction. We attended a community event hosted by two of our friends. Early in the evening, the hostess ushered a newcomer over to our table and introduced him to my husband and I. When he took a seat across from us at the table, I smiled, he smiled back, and my husband kind of smiled.

Meditation and ADHD: How to Sit When You Can't Sit Still

In my life long search for balance, meditation has been at the top of my list as a practice worth developing because of the mental, physical and spiritual benefits it can provide. However, as someone managing ADHD, it seemed like a door that I would never be able to open. Most nights I can't get myself to settle or my mind to be quiet enough to let me sleep unaided.

The Physicality of Overwhelm

In recent weeks I have had occasion to try and explain what ADHD "overwhelm" means. I have no trouble providing the text book definition - overwhelm occurs when the stimulation in the environment becomes too much for the ADHD brain which shuts it down, causes brain fog and makes decision making almost impossible. However, I always feel that I am falling short of providing an understanding of how being in that state impacts simple everyday events.

I Don't Take Anything Seriously

Having humor is a strength and many things become bitter if you take life too seriously. However, even though it is a good idea to take some situations lightly, it is not a good idea to laugh at everything. By doing that, you may very well end up tiring others as well as yourself. Long ago, a journalist asked the (now late) French humorist Pierre Desproges: "Can you laugh at everything?

How to Recognize Attention Deficit Disorder

Being active is one relevant factor in life especially in children but there are some that need time so as to develop this. This may be normal while on the other hand, your child may be suffering from a disease caused by attention. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a condition that is experienced in children and in most cases, boys and it is characterized by learning and behavioral disorders.

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