Sociopath - Definition, Causes and Therapy Approaches

Sociopath is a term given to an individual who displays antisocial behavior. A sociopath has absolute disregard for other's rights, this being their primary characteristic. A sociopath does not fit under the description of a person having reasonable behavior patterns by the society. The symptoms usually become evident in an individual after the age of fifteen and, if left untreated, these tendencies can carry on developing into adulthood.

Auditory Hallucinations: Voices That Whisper, Are They Real?

An older lady who was petite in size came into the hospital a few years ago. Her daughter would visit almost daily. She said her mother would get so sick at home she would not sleep for days at a time. The less sleep she received the more manic she became. As I was making rounds to check inside the rooms while the patients should be sleeping, I found this lady sitting on the edge of her bed with her hands resting in her lap.

What Is a Psychiatric Nurse? A Jack of All Trades

If you would like to talk about mental illness - now we have a conversation. I have been a mental health nurse for 21 years, That is my platform. As a mental health nurse we become "Jack of all trades". When someone comes in to the hospital very sick and obviously they have not taken care of their own body. We have to assess and observe for them. We look at their skin for cuts, bruises and break down.

How To Stop Panic Attacks Through Preventative Action

Do you need to know how to stop panic attacks? You might think you don't need to worry, but then you probably don't realize the scale of the problem. Surprisingly, there is evidence to suggest that as many as one out of every three people are affected by panic or anxiety attacks during their lives. They can happen to anyone at all, regardless of age, sex or state of health.

A Guide To What Are The Alternative Treatments For ADHD - Facts For Smarter Parents

When looking at what are the alternative treatments for ADHD, the question of diet and food allergies often comes up and with very good reason. I have just been reading about Dr. Doris Rapp's Book 'Is This Your Child? in which she outlines the environmental hazards that all our kids face from the places they have to frequent such as schools, other people's homes and even our own homes!

The Most Effective Compulsive Hoarding Help Available

It is imperative for hoarders to seek for the best and most effective compulsive hoarding help available in order to avoid encountering further unwanted conditions and situations. Being a hoarder, your house is mostly full of clutter and piles of junk that easily attracts fire and pests. These are not just ordinary problems; they are serious problems that need to be addressed right away.

Children And Adults Struggling With ADHD Symptoms Are People Too!

Societies and cultures throughout history seem to move in waves in order to get those who think and act differently than the majority to transform themselves into a more conventional way of thinking. This tends to work out pretty good for the majority, but rarely, if ever, turns out very well for the minority. It would not be out of the question to conclude that this seems to be the direction many experts in the field of ADHD treatment seem to be traveling.

Smarter Options For The Treatment Of ADHD In Children - Facts To Help Parents

I have just read an abstract from the European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry journal which states that the estimates of children and adults who do not respond to stimulant medicines for ADHD can range between 10% and 30%. If we take the upper figure, that is a very high rate of failure, by any standards. This is why the treatment of ADHD in children is so controversial right now.

Make It A Habit: Read To Get Smarter

Exercise is good for the physical and mental health. Yes, we know almost everything about the proper exercising to strengthen the muscles, for stronger bones and for a good flow of the blood all over the body; but how about the brain? Do you know anything that will help us to get smarter? Apart from the vitamins to keep us mentally healthy, our brain needs proper exercise too.

Need Help With The Hoarding Behavior?

Are you looking for ways in order to treat compulsive hoarding? Maybe, that is the reason why you reached this article. There is no need to worry, though, as there are a lot of help with the hoarding behavior that you can find. What you need to think about is how you will be able to apply those help. If you are the hoarder, you may find it difficult to take the next step in treating your behavior for you first need to realize and accept that you indeed have a serious problem that needs to be given solution with.

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