Feelings And Emotions - The ABC of Psychology

Many of us believe that exaggeration helps people understanding. In fact, we end up at the opposite. Our vocabulary gets poorer. We are less precise in our description and when we use the correct word, it has lost its meaning. See the word "depression" for example, very often, it will be used to define sadness. Nowadays, every time I get a bit sad, I am "depressed".

Boost Your Brain Power at 50 and Beyond

An important part of maintaining health as we age is to stave off the mental decline that has long been viewed as an inevitable part of the aging. This can be done with out drugs, but by simple methods. It pretty much operates on a well-known principle, "If you don't use it, you lose it." Reading, learning a language, or new skill are all invaluable methods to increasing mental acuity at any age.

ADHD - Simple Suggestions For Finishing Tasks and Projects

If you have ADHD, have a child with ADHD, or are in a relationship with someone with this condition you know that despite their best intentions they tend to leave things partially completed only to start another project, which more than likely, will end up partially completed as well. This is especially true when the project or assignment is too complicated, too long, or of little personal interest to them.

Effective Treatments For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

Obsessions are extremely upsetting and anxiety-provoking thoughts that are completely foreign to your usual sense of self and what you should be pondering about. Obsessions seem to come from nowhere, are outside your control, and are experienced as intrusive, inappropriate, and not making any sense. The most common obsessions involve contamination, doubting, ordering, and aggressive or sexual impulses.

Jealousy - As a Normal Experience and Mental Disorder

The feeling of jealousy, together with a sense that the loved person 'belongs to me", is part of normal human experience. It is of social value in marital relationships for preserving the family. Various terms have been used to describe abnormal, morbid or malignant jealousy. Kraepelin, the German psychiatrist who is considered the father of modern psychiatry, used the term "sexual jealousy".

Adult Symptoms Of Dyslexia And Diagnosis

Adult dyslexia is often something the individual does not know they have. Having grown up with this lifelong condition and no way of knowing that their reading processes were different, they may just end up with low self-esteem and may believe they lack intelligence because they could not keep up with their peers in school. Once they grow up, every application form or instruction manual makes them feel sick at the very thought of having to fill it in.

Depersonalization: Logical, Normal and Easily Reversible

Depersonalization is possibly the most logical of all the anxiety symptoms. It is also normal in the circumstance. Yes, it might feel strange and intrusive but once you know and understand the facts, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much logic is involved with this reaction. I use the term "reaction" because that is exactly what it is, and nothing more.

Coping With ADHD And Twitching - Learning About How Medication Alone Is Only A Partial Solution

One of the most disturbing aspects of ADHD and twitching is that it may be an indication that the child might also have Tourette's Syndrome (TD) as well. Usually the twitching or tics may be evident when there is a lot of blinking, nose twitching and grimacing. Then there are vocal tics which are manifested by grunting, tongue clicking, hooting and weird incomprehensible sounds.

The Long Term Effects Of Taking ADHD Medications - Time For Straight Answers

I have just read the results of the Raine study on the long term effects of taking ADHD medications. It does not make encouraging reading at all. This report was mentioned in a long article in the Sydney Morning Herald. This study was conducted by Professor Landau. It studied 131 children in depth and looked at their educational and academic achievements.

Ten Reasons Why Brain Loops Disrupted in Parkinson's Are Important to Everyone's Brain Health

Deep inside the brain, below the outer cerebral cortex, sit an elliptically-shaped grouping of neural circuits, one group on each side, called the "Basal Ganglia." To function normally they require a steady supply of the chemical neurotransmitter dopamine, supplied from a region just below them in the upper brainstem. Much of what is known about this fascinating brain region comes from research on Parkinson's disease where this basal ganglia group of circuits malfunctions because of a lack of dopamine.

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