Causes of OCD - What Most People Don't Know

Causes of OCD can be hard to pin point in a particular individual. What most people don't know is that there are three main causes of OCD, the first one is DNA, the second one is stress that builds up over time and the third is environmental factors, what you grew up witnessing, basically a learned behavior. The great news is that it doesn't matter which type or combination of the above started it for you, you can beat it because of the known fact that people with OCD still have the choice whether to give in to a ritual or not.

What Is Schizophrenia? A Brief Discussion on Paranoid Schizophrenia

Many people have a friend or family member that suffers or has suffered from a mental illness at some point. While there are many types of mental illnesses, one of the most devastating on the sufferer in addition to family members as well as friends is schizophrenia disorder. This article seeks to answer the question "What is schizophrenia?" and provides a brief discussion on paranoid schizophrenia.

Compulsive Hoarding Information

Compulsive hoarding syndrome is the term used to describe a psychiatric condition in which the sufferer or hoarder excessively accumulates things in their homes to the point that their living space is cramped and becomes virtually unusable for its originally intended purpose. Also known as pathological collecting, this condition affects about 1% of the population in Britain and two million people in the United States - it is therefore a problem that is more common than most people think.

How to Control Anxiety

If you've scoured the internet and visited the library in search of information on how to control anxiety, it's likely that you're frustrated with what you've found. The reason is that there is no sure way to deal with your panic attacks and even doctors find that treatment should depend upon the individual experiencing the anxiety. Panic attack disorder and anxiety may not be accompanied by physical signs, but it's every bit as painful as a physical health condition.

Linking ADHD, ODD, and Antisocial Personality Disorder

Another trip to school to complain about hyperactive little Johnny bullying little Sara. This kid is just out of control but it seems that no one can figure out what to do about his aggressive and disruptive bad attitude. Furthermore, it seems as if little Johnny is actually getting worse, not better. The story above is just one example how a child who has ADHD, ODD, and which someday could be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder presents very serious challenges for parents, educators, and their peers.

What Is Bipolar Disorder? A Discussion On This Type of Mental Illness

Bipolar disorder which is sometimes referred to as manic-depression is a common mental illness. Bipolar disorder and the various bipolar symptoms affect both men and women and can affect anyone at any age. Oftentimes bipolar disorder may be misdiagnosed and this article offers a brief discussion on this type of mental illness and seeks to answer the question, "what is bipolar disorder?

Case Study - Bipolar Disorder Stigmatisation

Bipolar Disorder is an illness that consists of alternative periods of elevating moods, called manic episodes and depression. This is a life long condition. It is critical that if you are suffering from such a condition, you must learn to manage your behaviour. It is however also critical that at the workplace, Managers are careful that their actions do not lead to stigmatisation.

How to Stay Sane and Stable

There have been many explanations proposed for such pendulumlike behavior. From allergies to heredity, they all seem plausible. In Ayurveda an imbalance among all three doshas is considered to be the underlying cause. The body is unable to stabilize and harmonize the daily wear and tear of environmental influences. Vata speeds up, going too fast, and is not able to turn on the digestive fire of pitta.

Natural Options For ADHD Can Offer Gentle Healing

ADHD natural options are offering new hope to children with the disorder and their parents. As more and more parents have turned away from traditional medications because of growing concern over side effects, homeopathic remedies are stepping to the forefront. And with trained homeopaths producing specially constructed remedies, it's never been easier or safer to treat ADHD.

Getting Up on Time for Your Mental Health

Why should I get out of bed when I am out of work or disabled? The fact is, the time you rise is very important for your entire day's mood and outlook. Whether you are looking for work or not right now, you were not made to lie in bed all day. The human body was shaped for movement, not sluggishness. Set your alarm clock for the night before and force yourself to get up at a decent hour.

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