Indications on When a Person Is Having a Nervous Panic Attack

While other people out there are having the best times of their lives, there are those who are locked in their own personal dilemma upon being diagnosed of having a panic disorder. After an unexpected nervous panic attack, patients usually see their doctors and asked if they are suffering from physical illness. The reason why is because of the symptoms they experienced during the assault of that mysterious disease.

All About Mental Health Services

We live in a very complex and constantly changing society. We have high expectations placed on us every day. Some of us feel the pressure we put through goals and dreams and others are placed on us by employers and those around us. Most people can manage stress in a given day, but others will stop working if they feel too overwhelmed. Everyone must accept that there are moments in our lives that might need to go to others for help, and is an act of courage and strength, not weakness.

PTSD Healing: The 5 W's of Reaching Out

I had a friend in college, her name was Sarah. Sarah was always depressed. We were friends because we had a class together, and she was also the friend of a friend. She was a nice girl, really willing to be helpful and a good study partner, so for a while we spent a lot of time together - until: Until her depression was oozing so much over me I couldn't stand being around her.

Effective Treatment for Compulsive Hoarding: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Hoarding, also known as compulsive hoarding disorder or pathological hoarding is a problem in which the sufferer accumulates an excessive amount of clutter in their home to the extent that sections of their homes are no longer functional for their original purpose. This condition poses different hazards to the sufferer such as fire hazard and health hazard.

Confidence: The Art of Being Yourself

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken" Oscar Wilde The majority of individuals who struggle with anxiety and other stress related disorders are similarly wired, as in the way they relate to others. These are the "good guys, " the people pleasers, the ones who do not relish confrontation. This in itself is a fantastic attribute but there is another side to the coin.

OCPD - Here's What You Need to Know

OCPD is not a disease that you'll suffer with for the rest of your life. No, instead, what's going on is that you have built a personality for yourself where you do things obsessively, such as organize your clothes by colors or alphabetically. There are genes in your DNA that will allow you to be more susceptible to developing these habits, but there are no genes that force you to give in to these compulsions.

OCD Symptoms - Is It Too Late For You?

OCD symptoms are very different from one person to the other. What you should know is that there are no two people who have the same exact kind of OCD, period. Obsessive compulsive disorder in people is like snowflakes, from far away, all OCD sufferers may look the same, when you look up close, they are indeed very different. There are people who count things obsessively;

Autism Syndrome: Autism Help When Travelling

As spring and summer approach many families begin to make their vacation plans. For families who are planning to travel with children with autism, this can be an overwhelming prospect. For most people vacations are synonymous with relaxation, a chance to unwind, to be freed from day to day routines. For children and adults with autism, however, departure from daily routines and forced transitions may create tremendous stress.

The ADHD Adult - Stop Being Late By Organizing and Planning Ahead!

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and impacts about 5 percent of adults. ADHD is a complicated mix of brain biology and genetics that causes a person's mind to work in a less than conventional way. A way that doesn't always mix well with societal structure or norms. But by organizing and planning ahead the ADHD adult can minimize the negative impact in both their personal and professional lives.

The Common Compulsions of Compulsive Hoarding

The hoarding process involves the accumulation of clutter. But is every clutter-prone person exhibiting traits of hoarding? The answer to this is no. Similar to the hoarder, the clutterer is very messy with his or her possessions but unlike the compulsive hoarder, this is a situation that does not get out of control. In fact, statistically, up to 40% of the population accumulate clutter to one extent or the other.

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