OCD Comes In Many Forms

The alarm clock has been set for the morning, and it's time to roll over and get some sleep. But not quite yet. It only takes a few seconds for the worry to begin. A minute later, the anxiety starts to build. Turning back over to look at the clock is inevitable, as is reaching out and pushing the "alarm set" button to make sure that it is indeed set for the right time.

Treatment of Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is a problem that develops and gradually gets worse over time. There is really no cure for this problem in that the sufferer can never be completely free of it but there are medical interventions available to deal with and manage the problem. Treatment of hoarding comes in two forms - administering medication and cognitive behavioural therapy.

What I Have Learned About Alzheimer's Disease

Introduction I became aware of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) when my father was diagnosed with it several years ago and eventually succumbed to it. Being this close to the disease, I did some research on the subject and found to my surprise that the disease could be genetic. With this basic information I researched deeper for symptoms, causes and prevention.

5 Simple and Practical Recommendations to Achieve Real Serenity in Your Life

(1) Decide not to be a slave to stress - commitment is the key! The basic problem of nervous people is, they are invested under pressure, anxiety, fear and doubt. Most of their time they choose to invest in been afraid, so they become slaves to their fear and stress. The first step of achieving relaxation, is by deciding not to be a slave to our stress!

ADHD And Behavior: The Natural Answer

ADHD and behavior are inextricably linked. Parents will go to almost any lengths to help control the behavior of their ADHD child since it can be disruptive to everyone around them. Everything from medication to behavior therapy has been used to help ADHD kids, with varying levels of success. The bottom line is that every child is different and so effective treatment will be different for each one as well.

Getting A Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis - What Happens Next?

Getting a bipolar disorder diagnosis may lead to you feeling that your world has just collapsed. Many cannot deal with getting a bipolar disorder diagnosis and may choose to ignore the diagnosis all to their detriment. If you are asking yourself "What now?" or "What happens next?" it is important to remember that living with bipolar will not be easy and it will be a daily fight for your life and for your sanity but it is important to remember that you have what it takes to lead a full and productive life even with the diagnosis.

The Cost of Mental Health Funding Cuts

Word of the shootings in Arizona has triggered speculation by many as to possible causes contributing to the tragedy. The continuing problem with violent rhetoric has been the center of speculation, but recently reporters have begun to turn to cuts in mental health services in Pima County Arizona. Regardless of whether the cuts in services in the area that the shooter lived were a direct factor, it cannot be eliminated as a factor.

Alternative Approaches to Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The sad fact of life is that often people experience some sort of traumatic event. These events can be difficult to deal with in the short term, but in certain cases, these traumatic events have long term ramifications that can cripple a person with feelings of anger, resentment, fear, anxiety and more. While these sort of events have been happening to people since man walked the planet it was only very recently that it has been given a name, and that name is post traumatic stress disorder.

Guidelines to Improving Your Memory - Information

Memories are stored in different areas of the brain depending on what type of memories they are. The brain has to be able to grab memories like remembering birthdays or phone numbers within seconds of being asked, however; the mind does not always find this information. Sometimes it can be something as small as looking around the house for a cell phone just to find it in your back pants pocket.

The In's and Out's of Panic Disorder

For individuals who are diagnosed of having panic disorder, they are given two options: it's either they learn to live with it or deny it to themselves and hide away from that reality. Unknown to most patients, conquering nervous panic attack has become easier to deal with if done in proper timing and when armed with correct knowledge. The main point here is to catch sight of manifestations whenever there is an attack in order to take control and win it over.

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