Learn How to Cure Emetophobia

An important step in the process to cure Emetophobia, is learning about and understanding your particular case of Emetophobia. Before you can cure Emetophobia, you first have to know and understand what you are curing. Not every case of Emetophobia is the same. To look at it very generally, each person has different causes and effects of their fear of vomit.

ADD - ADHD: Does Your To Do List Work For You?

Ok, are you ready for a brain dump? I wouldn't answer either - until I knew what it was. I am referring to unloading all of the big and little to dos that you are carrying around in your head. You know, those things that pop up at random times. Like when you pass the pet store, you remember that you need to pick up food for Fido. But you don't have time to stop because you are already late to pick up Ben from soccer.

Tricks For Beating the Anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult topic that is often closed-lid. Many people do not like discussing that they have anxiety. However, even though relatively few people with anxiety are willing to admit that they have the disorder, it is still there. Thanks to the World Wide Web, there are a lot of great online resources for beating the anxiety. For those who are seeking ways to make anxiety manageable, you're in luck: the World Wide Web has topics on those as well.

Do You Recognize An Early Stage of Dementia?

Do you have loved ones you think are going through on an early onset of dementia? Are you worried about their safety and well-being? Are you getting more and more concerned about their safety and well-being? They need your help every step of the way, it is said that dementia is not a destination but a journey. Notice Any Of These? There are many aspects in caring for and treating people with dementia.

How Do You Improve Memory? Photographic Memory Strategies

How do you improve memory using photographic memory strategies? Sometimes the occasion calls for having a good memory like going through a list when grocery shopping, studying for an exam, or memorizing names of people you just met. The thing is you need to be born with a really good photographic memory to be able to actually use it during these situations;

The Mentally Ill Face a Catch-22

Persons diagnosed as mentally ill in Illinois often face an additional hurdle to overcome before they can return to the community after reaching stable condition. That is, on top of public misconceptions about the mentally ill, the cutting of programs meant to help them and the difficulty of getting their medications in a timely manner once discharged.

You Feel What You Eat

The rat race of everyday life may cause the blues every now and then. Don't look to your plate to cure your melancholy, but research shows that your nutritional status can affect your mental wellbeing. 1. Feel good with healthy grub Stopping short of saying junk food causes depression, it is in your mood's best interest to stay away from the fast food joints.

Understanding the 3 Main Types of Bipolar Disorder

There are three main types of bipolar disorder. Understanding the three different types of bipolar disorder will help you be able to diagnose and spot the different types and have knowledge about each one. If you have friends or family members that suffer from some form of bipolar, having an awareness of the different types will help you understand them and create a special relationship with a person that has a mood disorder or mental illness.

Relationship Problems and Partners' Individuation Experiences

What is the relationship between having a problem with your significant other and not having individuated successfully? Successful Individuation means that you have navigated into young adulthood and developed a sense of your unique self. Moreover, you have developed a comfort with that self in the face of the pull from parents and early significant others to be other than who you are.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Include Reduced Risk of Alzheimers Symptoms

New research brings good news - the benefits of drinking green tea now include some protection against the risk of developing Alzheimer's symptoms (and other dementia), and might also slow the growth of cancer cells. Green tea has been used for centuries as part of traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for headaches and depression. Experts will tell you that the benefits to the body are tied directly to how the tea is processed (green tea undergoes less processing than other types) and prepared.

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