Meditation For Healing Using the Chakras

We feel balanced, whole and healthy when the body, mind, and spirit are working harmoniously together. Healing meditations can help to reprogram any negative emotions, memories or thoughts that are festering in the subconscious and cause illness. One of the easiest ways of using meditation to heal illness is with the Chakra System. Your body has 7 major chakras or energy centers which run from the base of your spine and up to the crown of your head.

Meditation For Stress Relief - What If 10 Minutes a Day Could Change Your Life?

Meditation can help you in reducing your stress levels and in achieving peace of mind. Like most people, you probably have work, family, and money related issues playing on your mind most of the day. You deserve to experience at least a few minutes of peace each day. Make a Commitment to Yourself With so many demands on your time, it may be hard to even imagine spending 30-60 minutes a day practicing meditation but if you can take it once step at a time and commit to just 10 minutes per day to start, you will begin to notice some remarkable benefits even with this short time commitment.

How Binaural Beats For Meditation Can Aid Your Relaxation

Are you looking for a tool to help you relax? Or have you been trying to find a way to make meditation more effective? If this sounds like what you are seeking, this article will explain how binaural beats for meditation can aid your relaxation process. Binaural beats are created by two different sounds pulsating at different levels but are heard at the same time by the listener.

How to Meditate Effectively

Learning to meditate is a required skill in today's busy world. Many people are stressed and over-worked with their mental physical and emotional health at risk as a result. Meditation has been proven to help reduce cortisol levels (the hormone released during stressful periods) resulting in a overall feeling of happiness and well-being. Some other benefits of meditation include enhanced creativity and problem solving ability.

Practical Meditation For a Better Life

All my clients meditate - some more than others - but all of them, at least some of the time. What kind of people are they - these meditators? Mainly business people - a lot of CEOs, Directors, General Managers - but a lot of ordinary, everyday people too - people just like you and I. Some of them meditated long before they ever met me - but most of them admit that, whilst they felt good whilst meditating, it didn't make a massive difference to the cut and thrust of their everyday lives.

Chakra Meditation - How to Do Chakra?

As many know, meditation as a technique had its origin in the ancient cultures of the world and is still practiced today as an effective way to remove the stress that modern lifestyles cause and bring direction and focus into our lives. Among the ancient people to use meditation were the Egyptians who believed that the human body was home to seven energy centers or chakras as they called.

Yoga Meditation - How Yoga and Meditation Go Hand in Hand

Yoga meditation is not only about physical postures! Our modern day yoga class tends to focus on postures only. If a little deeper study of yoga meditation is applied then it will become apparent that postures are only a small part of the practice. Postures are necessary to learn, but yoga meditation is essentially to eliminate feelings of incompletion and limitation in order to connect with our true Self.

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