Discover Four Different Meditation Positions

Meditation has been practiced since ancient times for the advantages it brings. Incorporating meditation into your daily life can have a dramatic affect on your peace of mind and attitude toward life. There are as many forms and techniques of meditation with many different postures or positions that you can take during your practice. Cross Legged Position One of the most well known positions for meditation is the cross legged position or lotus position.

Can Meditation Protect You From the Swine Flu?

Yes, I said meditation, not medication! The mind-body-spirit connection has been pontificated about for thousands of years. However, there is a science called Psychoneuroimmunology which validates this. If I were trying to prove how smart and knowledgeable I am as a Speed Reader Instructor, then I could cite exhaustive studies for you. That's boring.

Learn How to Meditate and Relax

In the face paced life of today it is good to take time out and relax. Many people find this quite difficult and as a result turn to meditation to help them. Here for anyone who would like to meditate are some simple steps for anyone to learn how to meditate. Firstly set aside some time to meditate. You can't do this productively unless you have enough time.

Making the Connection

I want my life to be perfect - I don't want to have troubles; I don't want to have bad things happen; I don't want to have to face difficulties. But, the truth of the matter is: that is life. That's how it is. And I don't see it miraculously changing in the future. However, in view of this, there is something I can change. I can change how I react to things.

What Are the Meditation Techniques?

Feeling out of your rocker lately? Too tired of the monotonous cycle of work, home and party life? Feeling extremely bored and exhausted? Well then, you have reached what is called the crash and burn point. So if you decide to toe out beyond this point of no return, you could be sure that there will be nowhere to roll but downhill. So take a chill pill and end this mad rush of life.

Meditation For Beginners - The Simple Process of Just Sitting

There are many reasons why people come to meditation and each person has their own individual reasons. Mine simply were to bring a more relaxed, positive and enjoyable quality back into my life but there are many other reasons such as:- To increase a sense of self worth - this will ultimately increase your happiness and confidence. Simply to provide a form of relaxation - to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world and enjoy the calm awareness.

Spiritual Eating Secrets - The Top 7 Reasons to Start Meditating to Heal Your Relationship With Food

If there's one activity you need to start implementing your life, it's meditation. All it requires you to do is be still and notice your breath, not needing to identify with the thoughts that you have anymore. Meditation has the power to heal many of the troubles we face on a daily basis including an unhealthy relationship with food. And here are 7 reasons meditation can help you start healing that relationship in no time at all.

Is Stress Making You Fat?

With all the changes in our lives and the current economic situation, it is harder than ever to lose those unwanted pounds. Whether your body is reacting to psychological or physical stress, your body releases potent hormones. This prompts the body to get a burst of adrenaline along with the response to fight or flee. Typically, we reach for snacks that are not very healthy such as salty, sweet and high-fat foods, which stimulates the brain to release chemicals that reduce tension.

How to Find Meditation Methods That Work?

The first question that a person asks when told about a new meditation method is, 'Does it work?' We ask this question knowing very well that what works for others, need not work for us. The easiest thing about meditation is that you are free to come up with your own method of meditation. It may be wacky, crazy and downright impossible to follow.

A Few Tips to Learn How to Meditate

There are a number of different reasons why you would want to learn how to meditate and quite a few methods to achieve this. Learning how to meditate takes time and commitment and a degree of patience. Having faith, a clear mind and the ability to think straight are important characteristics. If you are serious about learning how to meditate, you may find it more effective to start off group sessions with an experienced instructor.

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