The Practice of Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism

The study of Buddhism leads us from darkness and suffering into happiness and light. Meditation is an important aspect of Buddhism. Using meditation during the study of Buddhism allows us to control our thoughts and focus the mind in order to progress on this path. All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.

Meditation For Beginners - Achieve a Monk-Like Meditation!

Here is a step by step process on a type of meditation that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day! 1. Finding your silent space. Find a way to make white noise to block out the noises around you. If you have access to a white noise machine or fan, turn that on to provide a constant noise to block what is going on around you. If that is not available, go to SimplyNoise to play a white noise loop or download a file.

Guided Meditation and Having a Chat With Your Higher Self

The benefits of guided meditation were brought home to me very powerfully the other day. I was working on some technical stuff for my website and things were NOT going well. I was becoming very stressed out. Following the law of attraction perfectly my mind threw up a whole number of other things for me to think about that would bring me more stress.

Meditation - Most Common Errors and Their Remedies

Meditation is attempted by many people. But most people do not succeed. This is because most meditation enthusiasts make some mistakes. Below are some common mistakes committed while meditation, and their remedies - Error: Putting too much effort into meditation. Remedy: Meditation goes wrong if you try too hard to get it right. This is not just clever play of words.

How to Do an Easy Zen Meditation Technique to Reduce Stress in Your Mind and Body

No one needs to be reminded that there are a lot of things to be stressed out about lately. Between the economy, wars, and weather, a little quiet me-time can be invaluable. By learning this easy meditation technique for beginners, you may find your quiet in the storm without leaving your house. Set the mood. Take over a quiet room where you know you won't be disturbed for a while.

Get Your Bliss on and Reduce Stress With Mini-Meditations

There's a pure high of goodness that comes after a good yoga practice, commonly known as 'yoga bliss'. A similar deep resounding peace can be found in meditation. This bliss that penetrates your whole being is why millions of people keep coming back to yoga and meditation - because when you feel that good, you know it's healing on so many levels.

Christian Meditation - What If My Meditation Time is Not Getting Results?

Christian meditation is meant to be a part of every believer's life. Okay. So what do we do if we've been meditating on God's Word but our lives still seem to be a big mess? "Meditate day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written." -- Joshua 1:8 The Faithful Get Results God commands us to meditate. So we need to practice it regardless of whether or not we think it is making a difference.

What Meditation is Not - Lesson 2 Meditation is a Trancelike State

Certainly in some practices, meditation aims for and culminates in the meditator being transfixed in a "trance". However, with Insight meditation this is not the case. It is true that a deep relaxation is realized and a euphoric state can be experienced, but again the goal in Insight meditation is much higher. Actually, with Insight meditation, we become more attuned to our consciousness, not glazed over in a trance.

Alpha Brain Wave Meditation Can Help You Regain Your Creativity Lost From Childhood

We are at out the most creative when we are kids. The reason is that kids mostly use the right side of the brain which produces the most alpha brain waves. As we age into adulthood, the left side of the brain begins to take control by having more of the higher frequency beta waves. This pushes the alpha brain waves into a lesser position. During our normal daily activities we are typically focused on finding logical and analytical to problem and this can block the ability to find creative solutions.

Communicating With God Via Cosmic Healing Meditation - Be in the Now and Let Distracting Thoughts Go

Worrying about thoughts that interrupt your meditation practice is normal and natural. The nattering voice in your head is hard to ignore because of its incessant chattering. You may feel frustrated that you experience 'interrupting' thoughts whether you are a newbie or experienced meditator but please do not stress yourself out or distract yourself further by paying attention to or worrying over the presence of thoughts while you meditate.

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