Diuretics Side Effects

Diuretics side effects can have a great impact on your health. Diuretics have the effect of removing the fluids from the body. These types of medications are also called water pills. The way the fluids are removed from the body is through urination. Diuretics are used for several purposes. One of the uses is to treat a condition called edema. This disease results in an accumulation of fluids in the human body. Another use of these drugs and perhaps the main one is to lower blood pressure. This is done by removing the salts and fluids from the body lowering the blood volume.

These types of drugs are very inexpensive. You could say they are one of the most economical ways to prevent a stroke. They are also helpful in preventing blood clots. Some studies claim they are also useful in preventing bone fracture among older people. Some people use diuretics as a means to lose weight. However losing weight by the use of diuretics is not healthy, in fact can be dangerous. Removing the fluids from the body will only lead to a temporary weight loss and by using them too much you are risking yourself to be dehydrated. Some diuretics side effects can be real serious. One of the main side effects is that they cause impotency in men. Research shows than 33% of the men taking diuretics will become impotent. Other side effects are a raise in the blood sugar levels, which fortunately do not last once you stop taking the medication, they can also bother your stomach so taking a diuretic with food is way better than alone.

Sadly that is not all; when the drug is removing the salts from your body via urination it can also remove important nutrients from your body such as potassium. Potassium is very important for the health of your heart. A low potassium level in your blood can cause severe heart problems like arrhythmias; which is why many doctors recommend taking diuretics along with potassium supplements. One important detail to notice is that even when diuretics can lower your blood pressure they will not decrease the chance of suffering a heart attack. Various of them can even raise your cholesterol levels, which definitely will not help you in preventing heart diseases.

There are natural diuretics like cranberries and cranberry juice that can help you but even then you must consult your doctor before stopping your medication.

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