How Can I Work at a Massage Therapy Spa?

Massage therapy careers are a unique field that allow for client interaction, small business development, great pay and career success! Need a career that is stress free, relaxed, has flexible hours and is in a work environment that promotes relaxation? - Then, learn to become a specialist and work in a massage therapy spa! At our spa, we provide continuing education for any therapist that goes through our training program.

Head Massage and The Power of Touch As a Hairstylist

The power of the human touch can transform lives. We know stories of illness disappearing after receiving touch. Others feel at peace, centered and calm after being held or having a body treatment. As a hairstylist, you have a license to touch the upper body. You have the honored position to listen. You have the gift to create, to express beauty and joy.

Nothing Beats a Good Massage

It feels good and it is good for you. A full body massage is not only relaxing but it can be very therapeutic. The massage improves blood circulation throughout the body which promotes healing. There are tremendous health benefits to be gained, plus massage is an excellent way to relieve tension and reduce stress. Long considered an alternative form of medicine massage is now being prescribed by more and more doctors and massage therapists are on staff for most professional and major college sports programs.

The Origins of Stone Massage Therapy

While stone massage therapy, be it hot or cold, has only surfaced in recent years as a popular form of massage, its roots can be traced back to ancient civilizations. There are three main cultures that not only influenced the origins of stone massage therapy, but also influenced how this form of therapy has evolved in modern day. Hawaiians, the Native Americans, and Chinese all have histories of stone massage therapy in their culture.

Putting Together an Effective Hot Stone Massage Kit

Hot stone massage has become one of the most popular forms of affordable luxury and while there is lots of pre-made hot stone massage kits available on the retail market, these sets tend to be expensive. Making one yourself not only saves you money but also allows you to make a kit more specific to your own needs. If you want a kit that focuses more on the tools needed for a facial massage, you can focus on choosing only smaller rocks.

Modern Day Stone Massage Therapy

Stone Massage Therapy, as we know it today, has been gaining popularity in the United States since the early 1990's. The resurgence of the sauna helped with this, as people began recognizing the heated stones used in these were soothing when applied to the skin. The first style of modern-day stone massage therapy is known as LaStone Therapy. Spas have quickly adapted this therapeutic technique to their massage "menus", as clients have come to discover the numerous benefits of this form of massage.

Consider a Senior Massage

If you want to go by the aches and pains of your body then you can say anyone that steps forward wanting massage stone therapy. If you go by physical age then you would range from 50 - 100. Does this really mean that you have to be treated differently when you have a senior massage? Of course you do. The reason that people who perform whether it be yourself or another therapist treat seniors differently is because of your body structure, the age process and the nature of how our bones age.

A Senior Massage is Gentler

Health information and education are playing such a part of our lives that for the past ten to fifteen years everyone is taking an interest in improving their lifestyle. Technology and information with various exercises, spas and massages that has taken place over the past ten years, people are now focusing more on the mind, spirit and body because they know in the long run and as you get older if you had abused your body when you were younger you will pay the price in your golden years.

Benefits of a Senior Massage

If you look around at medicine, people are looking for other methods to complement their normal routines, such as taking pills. Senior massage is something that is becoming increasingly popular and the results are high on the satisfaction if you ask them how they feel about it. Some seniors use the massages in addition to help treat their health conditions.

Seniors Feel Better After Massages

You meet your grandmother for lunch and she looks tired so you mention this to her and she says how she is not sleeping well at night. You ask if anything has changed or if she eats something different that may be keeping her up at night to find that it is not related to food. She does mention that she seems to feel a little more achy than usual but attributes it to age and say it is most likely due to the colder weather too.

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