Masseuse Relieves the Physical Pain

For practical people this might seem totally unacceptable - healing with thoughts?! But as soon as they have tried it themselves, it proves to be quite true. The mind also plays a crucial part in the whole healing process. The masseuse relieves the physical complaints, but you have to be willing to improve the emotional side also. This is why aromatherapy is sometimes combined with massage therapy.

Massage Eases Muscle Tension

It is undeniable that there is a lot of stress in our lives. Stress is a result of adverse circumstances like long working hours, relationship and communication problems and fatigue. Every person reacts to stress differently. Some experience muscle tension and headaches, other's immune system is weakened and they find themselves constantly struggling with runny nose or a fever.

Massaging Decreases Muscle Tension

The most common complaints that clients have are headaches and tension in the back and shoulders. The cause of headaches is actually the tension in the neck, so the masseuse will start with gently pressuring and relaxing the muscles there. The movements are ascensive and directed away from the head. This is the beginning to relieving regular headaches caused by stress.

5 Reasons To Get Massage Therapy

People get massages for a variety of reasons. Most people have some pain that they want to relieve but some come in for general maintenance or for relaxation. Here are 5 of the top reasons to get a massage. 1. Relieve Pain The most common reason that people get massage is for pain. Low back, upper back shoulder and neck pain are the biggest complaints.

The Basics of Massage Therapy

There are quite a number of strokes used in giving massage therapy or therapeutic massage. Each stroke is used for a specific purpose and reason. It is not based on the whim of the massage therapist. When combined, these different strokes give rise to the various massage therapy techniques that we have. Popular massage techniques include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, and reflexology.

Massage: Helping People Recover From Stroke

One of the leading causes of death all over the world is stroke. It is defined by the Heart and Stroke Foundation as the sudden loss of brain function due to change of blood flow in the brain, blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, or the rupture of this blood vessel. Without proper flow of blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the brain, there is a huge chance of incurring brain damage.

High Intensity Massages: Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage and sports massage are both high intensity therapies. High intensity, meaning, there is greater pressure and faster speed of strokes. Most bodyworks clinics in Largo offer these two techniques. Deep tissue massage uses greater pressure, while the sports massage makes use of fast and short strokes. Deep tissue massage is specifically designed to target deeper layers of our muscles as well as the ligaments and tendons.

Medically Prescribed Massage Treatments for Special Conditions

Massage therapy is recognized as a Complimentary Alternative Medice (CAM). The 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), which included a comprehensive survey of CAM use by Americans, showed that approximately 38% of adults in the US use CAM. Tampa and Lutz residents have benefited much from CAM in the form of massage therapy. Special conditions like chronic back pain, sciatica, sports injury, and even pregnancy each has a specific massage technique that can soothe and reduce unpleasant symptoms.

How Can A Massage Help Me Sleep?

It is one of our natural tendencies to rub someone when they are having a hard time sleeping. One of the most concrete examples to back up this claim is the way we gently stroke the head of babies, or rub their backs to make them fall asleep. Admittedly, rubbing or touching is a natural and instinctive way to soothe and relax. And isn't it that rubbing and touching is what a massage is all about?

How Massage Therapy Can Help You Deal With Stress

Nowadays many people are under a lot of pressure caused by fast life pace and hectic schedules. This in turn causes high stress levels that affect our body and mind negatively. This can lead to fights or disagreements with colleagues and family members, but stress also causes a number of illnesses and other health conditions. When experiencing unexplained fever, fatigue or headaches, it is time to take a break and think about your lifestyle.

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