Starting a Catering Service - Business Cards

When it comes to establishing your catering business in your local market and promoting it on an ongoing basis business cards are a great way to get the word out about your services. In this article we look at why business cards are so important for a catering company and what you should take into account when you get your cards designed. Why Business Cards are so Important for your Catering Business The great thing about business cards is that they allow you to get your message across in a subtle, casual and friendly way.

Strategic Communications in a Multi-National Environment

Developing an effective strategic communications strategy can be a challenge under even the most ordinary of circumstances, but when you factor in the a global economic recession, it can make communicating to an international audience a most daunting task. And you also need to consider the political, social, and institutional climate that never seems to stop changing.

So What is Your Type?

In addition to your design and images, your typeface and font are some of the most significant choices you have to make for your collateral such as your poster printing. Good typography is at the heart of any great design. And effective print posters can be achieved when you know the impact of whether to utilize an Arial or a Times New Roman to your content.

What's in a Marketing and Sales System?

Marketing and sales are critical components of a successful business. Appreciating the difference between the two is essential to building a thriving business that is sustainable. Marketing is what attracts prospective clients to your business and makes them want to purchase your products and services. An effective sales process is what "seals the deal.

Making Unique Notepad Giveaways

Custom note pads are perfect giveaways for business promotions, public relations kits and employee care packages. That is why a lot of businesses out there invest in notepad printing as a way to lift up their exposure rating to the public, press and of course their employees. However, most people nowadays do not even notice custom note pads anymore.

What Not to Do on Your Exhibition Stand

Once you have selected the staff to man your exhibition stand or trade show booth, what should they do? How can you best use them to get the maximum benefit from your participation? The best way is to start with a list of what not to do. Such a list follows - and the horrifying thing is that everything on this list is done - and often - by staff at exhibitions, thus not only damaging their company's chances of gaining new sales leads but damaging their public image.

Characteristics of Relationship-Driven Clients

Here's a checklist for evaluating and prioritizing relationship-driven clients. A smart rating system applies to every company database, revealing only the marketing campaigns that matter. It's tempting to jump to conclusions in building your Client Personality Profile. Keep in mind a few "myth busters" on Loyalty Marketing: YOUR BEST CLIENTS ... Your best clients are not always your biggest spenders Clients are most valuable not because they are your cash cows (though a profitable side of beef is always nice) rather because they're with you for the long haul, they help you in tooling your best message, and most importantly, they help corral new business to increase profits.

Optimizing Marketing Across Multiple Channels is Quick, Easy and Relatively Cheap!

CMO's and marketing professionals have a finite number of media channels to link to response channels, however mixing in one variable such as a unique offer or unique creative and the complexity amplifies exponentially. One way to simply the process is to use call centers and tag each variation of ... offer, channel or creative with a unique 800 number (aka toll free number).

Role of Printing in Your Business

Every company, office or services need printed material in plenty, both for business promotion or for daily running of the business. In fact, printed material is the best advertising and promotional items ever made. In fact, the quality of paper and print of all your office related material like envelopes, brochures, letter heads etc are the best indicators of the health of a company and its commitment towards its clients.

10 Tips For Successful Segmentation

It's time for marketers to forget about chasing the customers who are never going to buy the products. But this is time for us to pinpoint customers those who do and getting them to spend more, is the best way to tough out of recession. Yes... Segmentation studies are very important to identify your existing customers those who can spend more. Following are 10 bite-sized tips for successful segmentation.

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