Doubling Your Practice

The most desired goal for most Chiropreneurs is to double the practice in one year. And, it can be done. But, what you may not realize is that in order to double your practice does not require that you double your new patient production, but that you improve three components in your marketing mix by just 30%... not 100%. The three components in your marketing mix are: 1.

3 Ingredients of a Successful Service Guarantee

Who can forget the famous Domino's Guarantee - Your Pizza in 30 Minutes Or it's Free. A multi-billion dollar corporation was built with a simple guarantee. Take a page from this book and jumpstart your marketing with a sincere and unique guarantee. Even though many business owners worry about customers who take advantage of guarantees, legions of financial professionals are profiting by adding them to their marketing.

The Beginners Guide to HTML Newsletters

In the early days of the internet, HTML newsletters were largely viewed as a burden no one wanted to deal with. Believe it or not, plain text newsletters were actually preferred by publishers and their readers. Things are much different these days as more businesses have moved to the HTML format and taken their subscribers with them. This design tool is preferred for a variety of reasons, particularly the ability to get creative with the actual formatting, links, and a presentation that speaks to the reader in ways that simply cannot be done with text.

Business Leads - How to Get Sales Leads For Your Local Business

Are you a local business owner who is looking to increase your profits? If so, you need a good marketing plan. Market your business to your local consumers and they will pay attention to the products or services you have to offer. Unfortunately, marketing a local business is a lot harder than marketing an online one, but that doesn't mean it is impossible either.

Grow Your Dental Practice - 3 Ways to Start Doubling Your Growth Right Now Even If You Hit a Plateau

How would you like to double your practice growth? How would you like to double your net income? Of course you would! But what we want and what actually happens are two different things. When you first started your dental practice you felt the excitement. You experienced large percentages of growth for the first few years. Then your dental practice became stagnant.

How to Effectively Utilize Your Print Brochure

Many business professionals rely on print brochures when it comes to promoting their products or services to their target market. Online printers know this very well; that is why they offer high-quality and budget-friendly brochure printing services. A print brochure can carry a large amount of information and it is only right that you maximize its function.

Art Business Marketing - 6 Steps to Re-Energize Slumping Art Sales

Follow this six step plan to get your art business back on track and re-energized! There is nothing harder to do than to walk into your studio and start (or finish) a piece of art when you already have a number of unsold pieces sitting around. The energy is suddenly not there. The phone is not ringing. And every time you turn on the news, the top story is the downturn of the economy.

How Do Your Potential Customers Respond to the Recession - Clever Marketing For Tough Times

People respond to the challenges they encounter in life in a number of different ways. The recession is no different, people have various ways of responding to it. Your potential customers can fall into any one of these eight categories: Ostriches: head in sand, in their eyes nothing has changed, their shopping and spending habits stay the same.

Supporting One Culture, Disrespecting Another

Two recent controversial Burger King marketing campaigns have cost the restaurant chain an opportunity to grow. One campaign was objected to by the Mexican community due to its negative stereotype of a character of obvious Mexican heritage in the advertisements. The other promoted a marketing tie-in with Nickelodeon Television's SpongeBob Square Pants character.

Helping Local Business Owners Make Money Online

Most people are like this hopeless chocolate cookies business owner, facing great difficulties after they impulsively join the bandwagon of offline business. They don't know how to optimize the Internet and they are having difficulties promoting their business. They only just built a website and were waiting for the outcome. They miss the fact that almost everyday there are hundreds or even thousands of businesses like them that are mushrooming in the net, fighting for customers attention.

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