If You've Ever Dated, Then You Already Know How to Market Your Business

As a single woman, I have tried Internet dating in the past. One of the things that I like about Internet dating is that you can put in the requirements that you want in a mate. You can choose hair color, eye color, height, education, religious beliefs and more. Once you have done that, you will get a listing of people that match your choices.

Recession-Proof Your Business With a Strong USP

As a long time student of marketing, I often catch myself listening to and analyzing radio commercials while I travel. I noticed one commercial recently that advertised a local moving company. The owner of the company did the radio spot himself. He boasted that his company would pay special attention to your belongings while they packed them up (unlike other companies who I suppose are more careless).

5 Secrets to Stretching, Rather Than Eliminating, Your Marketing Dollar in a Recession - Part II

1. Attend networking events. Good, old-fashioned networking is still an effective way to market your business today. The key is to focus your time on the networking groups and events that will connect you to the right audience, and to be consistent in your attendance. Start with researching local newspapers, trade publications, and chamber of commerce offices for listings of events in your area.

Promotional Gifts - The Perfect Marketing Vehicle

In the success of any business, promotional gifts play a prominent role. They have a significant effect on the whole business. They can take your business to new heights and amplify your company's brand. These are usually offered to clients, customers, employees, and sometimes tourists. They are a marketing vehicle and are responsible for engaging all five senses at once.

Promotional Scale Rules Are Great Gift Ideas For Architects Engineers

Marketing budgets are being cut as a result of reduced sales as the global financial crises digs in. With less funds being available promotional products are gaining in popularity as a low cost method of getting the company name, brand and product details in front of existing customers and prospects. For construction and engineering professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Designers and Builders, one of the most practical gifts they appreciate is professional quality Scale Rules for measuring plans and drawings.

Affiliate Marketing Really Works?

Lately, the question has been on ALL of our minds, and we want to know the TRUTH. Does Affiliate Marketing really work? Well.... Does it? And the answer is... .... YES it does! This was proven to me the last time I found sales in my ClickBank account. I couldn't believe my eyes, due to the fact that I've NEVER sold ANYTHING online in my entire life!

Restaurant Marketing in 2009 - Modern Systems and Tactics That Work

I am going to review what is traditionally done and how we can improve on that for 2009; and also how we can implement new ways of promoting our businesses that cost less than traditional media and are a lot more effective. Newspaper ads Most print advertising is a waste of money. That is a fact, you can do better with your money else where. Publications will tell you that your competition is in so you should be, and they will tell you that they are read by x y and z.

One, Two, Three Steps to More Dental Patient Referrals

Many times the obvious goes unmentioned. Marketing experts just assume you know how crucial it is to provide excellent customer service in order to receive referrals- much less abundant referrals. For many business owners, the hard part is facing just how good your customer service really is... The best way to diagnose your service quality is through surveys.

Small Business Marketing Means Recruiting

Small business marketing is very important if you ever expect it to grow and become successful. It is true that people have to know what your opportunity is all about, and how it is that they may benefit, if they should decide to get involved with you. It is your job to get the word out to the public, to let them know what your opportunity is all about.

Affiliate Marketing Training - Stepping Stones to Affiliate Marketing Success

As with most businesses, there is a certain level of affiliate marketing training that is wise in order to be successful. This isn't to say that there aren't those who have become successful without proper training only that the right training can help you reach certain levels of success much more quickly than taking a trial and error approach. More importantly they can save you precious time and money along the way.

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