Tiger Shaped Stress Balls - An in Depth Look at These Popular Promotional Stress Balls

Are you looking for a wild way of promoting your company or organisation? Wildlife animal stress balls come in many different shapes, one of the most popular being the tiger. Tigers are often used as mascots for sports teams, schools and colleges or in logos for companies. Tigers are also one of the most popular animals at zoos so these shapes are very popular in zoo and wild safari park gift shops. They are also an excellent way of promoting exotic African holidays or African themed events. Here, I would like to introduce you to these very popular stress balls shapes.

One way tigers are used is to play with and make your company colours really stand out. Tigers normally come in orange and black but you can have them any colour you like. I have seen companies order blue and pink tigers, green and yellow tigers and other fun combinations to fit in with their company look. One company asked to have the body of the tiger white with the stripes in fruity colours of green, yellow, blue, purple and orange. The tigers looked fantastic and their promotion was a huge success.

As I mentioned earlier, tiger shapes are very popular at zoos and other animal parks. They are also very popular at circuses where they are usually supplied in their orange and black form. One travel agent who specialised in African safari holidays recently decided to reverse the colours so that the base was black and the stripes were orange. Almost anything is possible in the world of stress balls!

The most popular tiger shape measures in at 130mm x 55mm x 50mm which is a good size for squeezing. I always recommend asking your supplier to transfer print the stress tigers for you. Not all suppliers can do this. Most still pad print which looks OK but it is not up to the same standard as transfer printing. Transfer printing is very important with tiger shapes because the base colour is usually quite dark. This could change the colour of the ink when pad printed but transfer printing will not have this problem because transfers sit on top of the stress ball similar to a high quality permanent decal.

It is therefore a good idea to ask you supplier to see samples to ensure that you are happy with the quality of the stress products they supply and the print.

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