Getting Employed With ITIL - The IT Service Management Qualification

The ITIL qualification is based on a series of books issued by the Office of Government Commerce, each dealing with an aspect of IT Service Management or a stage in the Service Lifecycle. There are four tiers of ITIL certification: Foundation and Intermediate level certificates are awarded for passing certain course modules, ITIL Expert is automatically attained when a student has accumulated a certain number of modular credits;

Using Reduced Work Schedules to Manage Costs

To overcome the challenges brought by the ongoing global economic crisis, companies are starting to implement ways to reduce their overhead expenses. Several different strategies have been brought forward, including the idea of using reduced work schedules to manage costs. From telecommuting to implementing a four day workweek or a condensed workweek, one can find a form of these cost-saving approaches in practically every workplace these days.

Setting Up an Employee Mentoring Program

Employee mentoring programs have been touted as being a major factor in employee retention and increased profitability and productivity within a company. These programs allow long standing employees to have a chance to prove their worth and share their expertise with less experienced employees. Personal relationships are developed and the overall morale of the company will increase.

How to Give Balanced Employee Assessments

Employee assessments can be a necessary evil of working in a management position. No one enjoys having to analyze and criticize another individual's performance or decisions, especially when the results may be unfavorable. The key to making assessments a positive experience for everyone involved is to keep them fair and balanced. By opening up the floor to your employee to provide their feedback, both your employee and your company stand to benefit from assessments.

Why Not Take on Problem Management As Defined by ITIL During the Economic Slowdown?

During period of rapid business growth, systems and processes quality may have been overlooked by many IT organisations as they would be focused on implementing new systems and rolling out new IT services as quickly as possible to keep up with the business expansion. With the current economic slowdown, many new projects and systems may be put on hold as company will be looking into measures to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Business Process Automation in the Office Environment

Many a business manager has realized that the driving force behind a successful business should be the talent of its valued human resources reinforced by its supporting processes. Instead of weighing down innovative management ideas and collaborative thinking with bottleneck protocols and sluggish information dissemination, business process management (BPM) software can be used for business process automation in any office setting.

Process Ownership is Vital to Six Sigma Project Success

They may be team leaders, managers or others relevant to the process, but may not be in leadership positions. They have very good knowledge about the process and its critical areas. They are an integral part of DMAIC and DFSS projects. The solutions brought in by the improvement team are handed over to the process owners. Roles and Responsibilities of Process Owners -Subject matter expertise of the process: Process owners must be thoroughly aware of the input, output and overall relevance of the process in the entire business operation.

5 Powerful Ways to Stay Focused and on Track to Your Success in Business

We live in a world with a million possible distractions, pressures, emergencies and interruptions, how can we stay possibly stay focused (on our goals) and sane? There are always going to be several things constantly competing for my your time - marketing campaigns to design, team members to manage, customers to respond to, business opportunities to explore, issues to follow up, personal commitments etc.

Beat Omnipresent Scope Creep With Communication

Somehow, there is the opportunity for some requirements to be easily included and excluded into the project scope. If you follow a few guidelines, you will be effectively able to handle what is known as 'scope creep'. It is often seen that the developer may add a few new things out of the scope of the project with the thought that it will help improve customer satisfaction levels.

Interim Management Positions

Interim management today has become a crucial tool for several organizations when they face a challenging project. As these companies become aerodynamic they find out that they no longer posses any supervision resources or even the expertise to deal with their unexpected and exceptional circumstances. In this case often the companies call an interim management bureau to provide executive tools at a short notice.

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