Supply Chain Management - Getting Ahead of the Competition

Over the past decade the role of Supply Chain Management in a business has been heavily focused on reducing costs. However in today's market, increased sophistication in customer requirements and greater competition have brought about a change in the way companies view the role of supply chain management and many are realizing that the function of supply chain management can be more strategic thus giving businesses a heads up over competitors.

Do You Know How Your Staff Are Spending Your Valuable Time?

Surfing the net for personal use - an employee perk? Or a serious drain on an employers' resources? Research shows that whilst some companies are happy to allow their staff 'tea-break time' to browse non-work related websites, others see it as highly detrimental to their business and some have even sacked staff where usage has overstepped the mark.

Managing Your Business to Success - 8 Things to Do For Survival, More Growth and Profits

Managers need to invoke a process to get the big picture to gain some perspective in an uncertain and highly competitive world. A company's competitive intelligence is a fleeting thing as competitors poke their heads up all over the business landscape. Keep on eye on the competition but spend most time and efforts focusing on: How to impress and attract customers.

What You Should Pay For Your Liquor, Beer and Wine Inventory

Now that you are ready to place your liquor, beer and wine order, what should you be paying for it? In control states, you really don't have much to think about it since the state will have uniform pricing across the board. Variations in price may be in the form of specials you may want to take advantage of or shortages by the manufacturer that may increase the price of the raw product when it reached the shelves of the reseller.

Will Your Suppliers Survive the Economy? Find Out If They Are Financially Healthy

Most supply chain, purchasing and procurement professionals spend a great deal of time vetting new suppliers, negotiating price and monitoring supplier performance. However, all this hard work is useless if the supplier ends up going out of business and stops delivering the materials, parts or services that you need. The resulting operational disruption and financial loss can be severe.

Management Essentials - What's Expected of Today's Manager

During engagements with clients the question is often asked about the expectations for managers in the fast paced world of business today. There are six essentials for managers: Character Flexibility Loyalty Technological "Agility" Problem Solving Ability Effective Resource Utilization 1. Character has been defined as who we are when no one else is looking.

Corporate Entertainment in This Economy?

The corporate world is currently running scared, and doesn't want to appear to be wasting money. Yet every company has occasions where it has to entertain its staff, or the press, or its clients. Whether its a product launch, Christmas party or an executive function - the need for and value of corporate entertainment hasn't gone away. The question is, how can you entertain without.

Defining Primary Metrics - Starting Off on the Right Path

Typically, there are three measures of performance - customer satisfaction, total cycle time and first pass quality. Cost of poor quality is an effective metric of first pass quality. For effective utilization of the metric, it must be well communicated to the members of the organization. The metrics, to be of any effect, must be customer-centric with focus on quality, service dependability and overall satisfaction.

Improving Sales With Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The utility of Six Sigma in the sales process improvements of other sectors encourages the utilization in the pharmaceutical industry. Six Sigma projects for the sales and marketing departments are aimed at bringing about effectiveness in the sales process and the increase in the efficiency of the sales team. This is important in maintaining profitability levels and providing high quality products.

What is the Best Virtual, Medical Online-Service-Provider?

A medical online service provider, in a normal sense, is a person who works as an appointment scheduler and also as a receptionist. However, in this era where every other work is done by the machines, the human medical online providers of service have now been replaced by electronic and digital virtual devices with artificial intelligence technology that handle calls as a receptionist and also handles the appointment scheduling of various in-patient and out-patient visits in a hospital or in a clinic.

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