Planning - A Critical Management Issue For Challenging Times

Planning is the process of analyzing situations, identifying options, considering alternatives, determining what will be done, by whom and when. Planning is one of the five basic functions of leadership and management. A great myth of American management is that we like to plan and do a great job of planning. Well, sometimes we are not as effective as we'd like to think.

Quality Management - The Benefits of an Effective ISO 9000 Quality Management System

Organizations that have implemented effective ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems (QMS), or in today's language, an ISO 9001:2000 QMS, have experienced numerous benefits. While some folks will say that an ISO QMS brings unnecessary bureaucracy to an organization; those who have implemented effective systems for their business will instead talk about the benefits.

Deadly Overhead Costs to Consider When Setting Your Prices

Are your prices high enough to keep you in business? If you're self-employed and providing services at prices anywhere near the rates you earned as an employee, you might be missing some of the deadliest hidden costs. The obvious overhead costs include things such as rent, utilities, advertising, insurance, and office supplies; business expenses not directly related to the production of goods or services.

New Business Deal Breakers

No matter how brilliant a business idea might be, certain deal breakers will stop it in its tracks. Deal breakers are the secrets you would rather not share with your business analyst or banker, though you probably should. If you're applying for a loan to start or grow a business, here are some common deal breakers you should know about: 1. Inadequate Equity.

Small Business - Staff Appraisal Made Easy - Measuring Staff Performances With Just Two Questions

Performance appraisal seems to be a daunting prospect for some managers. It doesn't need to be that way. Appraisal should be simple, practical, motivational and valuable. Just two questions will achieve that. The Problem. We've turned performance appraisal into a complicated, time consuming, bureaucratic process that not only lacks focus but also creates all sorts of avoidance behaviour from all concerned.

Ways to Keep Yourself Cleared For Action at Work

1. Don't fall into the pattern of documenting everything. In most cases people have a tendency of documenting all the documents that they lay hands upon. With the New media tools, an internet is the best way of communicating with other business partners. The chat facilities have made it easy to communicate around. A telephone call is the best way of contacting workmates and other relevant stake holders.

Pass the PMP Exam in Just 15 Minutes a Day

PMP is not an easy test... You really have to remember each process and its inputs, outputs, and tools and techniques... You also need to know the purpose to use each tool or process... The real world situation is complicated. It is not very clear cut... Any confusion to the purpose of processes or tools makes it hard for you to decide which answer to pick.

Hello? The Operation is Talking to You!

In these economically challenging times, organizations of all industries are finding that they need to control critical issues in order to survive, much less remain competitive in the marketplace. Issues such as cost control, capacity and resource utilization and reacting to demand changes become areas of concern that get executives' attention as areas that must be mastered.

Rewards and Recognition Equals Better Business

If your company is doing well right now, take a moment to thank the people responsible. That's right, take a moment and tell each and every employee that you appreciate their efforts. Without them, business would not be going so well. Saying thank you goes a long way when you are sincere and having a Reward and Recognition program in place let's your staff know that you value their contributions and appreciate their efforts.

How to Avoid Common Six Sigma Pitfalls

Expecting Results in a Short Period of Time A Six Sigma project requires the full-time participation of employees who are undertaking Black Belt duties. It is often determined that they will do the work on the project, along with their regular responsibilities. Doing this, they are often unable to concentrate on the completion of the project. This leads to the loss of force generated in undertaking such an initiative, which in turn leads to losses on expected savings.

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