Dynamic Leadership in Small Business - Empowering Others to Achieve Success

Every successful company has one thing in common: They are led by a Dynamic Leader. So what makes a leader Dynamic? There are many attributes that a Dynamic Leader possesses, but one thing that differentiates a good Leader from a Dynamic Leader is their willingness and ability to successfully empower others within their organization. In no other realm are Dynamic Leaders more important than in small business.

10 Model Employee Motivators

Want your employees to do their best work consistently? Need them to produce products or services born from creative thinking? Desire them to feel fulfilled in the process? Most likely, you've answered an emphatic "yes" to these questions. But how do you make this happen? Are YOU an executive who's succeeding with staff, or are you someone who's chronically struggling?

Failure is Not Always a Bad Thing

Joe Civil was the owner of a 300-person Consulting Engineering firm (JPK Engineering). Joe founded the firm more than twenty years ago. During this period, the firm experienced steady organic growth that included the opening of several new start-up offices. The new offices produced mixed results. Some worked out well. Others eventually closed, but even the successful offices required years of time and money to get them to the level where they were capable of producing consistent returns for the shareholders.

Business Administration - The Key to a Successful Business Career

The key to running a business successfully is effective business administration. The administration should cover all areas of business that needs management and it must implement a proper system of feedback and controls so that business goals and objectives are achieved. It is only when you take steps to implement effective business administration that your organization can show transparency in all its work activities and funds are put properly into business operations and effective guidelines are laid for the work force to follow.

How to Succeed As a Black Belt

Black Belts have to be patient and get the support of top management to bring about changes in the organization. They also need to get their assistance in removal of barriers to the success of the Six Sigma initiative. One of the biggest challenges is to overcome resistance of colleagues to bring about changes in organizational processes and put controls and metrics in place that would make everyone accountable.

CEOs See Light at the End of the Tunnel?

From its lowest point ever recorded, The Nicolet Bank Business Pulse improved to 80.5 at the End of the First Quarter. Today, the Confidence of CEOs and Business Owners is up from its all-time low of 63.8 at the end of Q4/08. The 63.8 is the lowest point recorded since the inception of The Business Pulse in Q4/01. The Pulse reached its high in Q4/03 when it hit 137.

Your Primary Responsibility As a Manager

At some point of your career as employed in a big company you'll be asked (or you will be volunteer) to manage some other employees; your own team. I'll mention some points to be successful as a manager. But even you do everything correct, you build a great team, there is one single measurement that your managers will be looking for: Deliver the targets!

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities - Part Two

Transformation Crisis management requires well thought through transformation and a fundamental re-thinking on how operators, local governments and vendors work together. Turning the effects of the global financial crisis into a positive might seem far fetched however if businesses take the actions required fast with a very structured approach and not treating the current crisis as yet another firefighting project or business as usual, ending up with fixes normally just scratching the surface.

Long Term Assets - A Well-Organized Business

In our quest for assets that can provide a passive income without requiring constant management, we have to look at the privately-owned business. For most people who want to get away from the 'regular job' style of life, starting their own business is the obvious way to go. They choose something that they know about, that they are passionate about, that they can do better than the next person.

Maximize Sales and Minimize Stock Work When You Own a Dollar Store

For those who own a dollar store there is so much work to be done. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to handle all the tasks, especially when it comes to stock work. With the high volume of sales, there is a need to constantly receive, price and place merchandise in the store sales area. And all that work requires a significant amount of labor to accomplish.

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