Doing All the Talking

On a recent cross-country flight I was seated in front of a gentleman who was highly intelligent, skillfully articulate, and utterly clueless. How did I know all this about the man who sat behind me? For the entire four hour flight he talked, and talked, and talked, and talked. I learned about calcium deposits, chemical formulas, countless medical studies, and how to best run the high-tech company from which he was recently fired.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales Marketing and Purchasing in a Volatile Commodity Environment

High volatility and high commodity prices have made strategic planning a dynamic and ever evolving exercise over the last several years. Unlike any other time in history, companies have felt the impact and influence of commodity markets on the bottom line, on overall performance, and on conflicting agendas between departments. Interesting enough, one of the silent killers of volatile commodity markets is the conflicting nature between sales marketing and procurement officers.

Developing Key Employees - A Win-Win Situation

We all value our key employees and understand the contribution they make to the organization, based on their current talent and skills set. They possess these desirable qualities: Self-motivated Interested in personal and professional growth Driven to succeed Feel compelled to share their knowledge with others They seek answers and solutions where problems exist Unfortunately, these are precisely the type of people who get bored easily and who are always seeking to broaden their knowledge base.

Managers in Small and Medium Enterprise

If you are one of the manager who worked in Multi National Corporation (MNC) for several years, it is likely that you are trained in all aspects of management styles. And you have already practiced all these styles in your call of duty. For some reason, if you moved over to small and medium enterprise (SME), what would be your management style? You will realize the leadership style of top management in SME is very different from those in MNC.

Basic and Simple Management Skills - What Makes a Good Manager?

A good manager is hard to come by, and whether you're a manager, or you're thinking about hiring one for your business, I wanted to give you some tips, and pointers that you can use in order to make your business run smoothly, when you have a good person in charge. It really isn't that hard to find a good manager, especially in a down economy.

Business Innovation - Turning Problems Into Solutions

Problems, Problems, Problems - Wouldn't life be grand if we never had any problems. Everything would work perfectly, everyone would always get along and be happy, everything would be wonderful for everyone everywhere, and things would only get better as we live happily ever after. Unfortunately, in the real world there is no avoiding the grim realities of the dark side.

Project Planning - One of the Most Essential Steps to Take in the Management of Your Project

Produce a good plan and go for it! Before I get into the specific ideas concerning planning and how I recommend that you do it, there are a number of things that I would like to say about the subject at an overview level. First of all, when I talk about a plan, I define it as a scheduled list of interrelated Stages, Products, Activities, Milestones, Tasks, etc.

How to Become a Manager

Studying on how to become a manager will allow you to inspire a team, find out from the previous mistakes, as well as gain esteem from your team. The leadership is quite normal for some, it also can be learned skill. Make use of leadership skills to serve yourself as well as others around you during work, school or in leisure. Becoming good manager will take some time and patience.

Programme Risk Management

If you have approached your project or programme well, you will have developed a Risk Plan/Strategy document. Risk needs to be proactively managed, as opposed to allowing it to manage you and the environment around you. Many people are afraid of risk management and some Project and Programme Managers are often reluctant to publicise risk to executive management.

Supervisor Training - Put Yourself Ahead of the Pack

It's a funny thing. Just about everyone thinks that they can make it as an employee supervisor but in reality it is a select few who can actually make the cut. So what is it that separates those who are actually effective supervisors and those who are lacking? The answer is simple and that is supervisor training. It's a funny thing. Just about everyone thinks that they can make it as an employee supervisor but in reality it is a select few who can actually make the cut.

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