Remembering to Choose Love

When I woke up this morning wrapped in my beloved's arms, the familiar, almost ever present feeling of sadness tinged with despondency and anxiety was flowing gently through me. Though these feelings have abated greatly, they linger still. They live within me however slight the feeling may be, and this makes me feel... well, sad. "Am I destined to be unhappy always, the artist in angst?

What Men Desire

We all try to look beautiful, hot, sexy and attractive for men, sometimes we do a great job and sometimes... .. We all know that a man is first attracted to a woman's looks before her character and personality. When the looks of the woman is a plus, other things will follow. So what do men really really really want? 1. A woman who is not after the depth of his pockets.

How to Get Your Spouse to Love You Again - Read This to Make Your Spouse Love You Once Again!

It's common for couples to move away from each other during the course of the marriage. Divorce rates are extremely high nowadays, which means that usually, when the love has waned, the marriage ends in divorce. But it doesn't have to. There are ways of how to get your spouse to love you again - don't forget that your spouse once loved you and if you do the right things, it will happen again.

Can You Explain What Love Is?

This is the time of year where love is in the air and romance is on everybody's mind. Flowers and card are being exchanged; chocolates and teddy bears are given as expressions of affection. Jewelry stores are having sales and love is the central focus of our media. But what is love? How do we define something felt so strongly yet somehow ethereal?

Do You Know If He Loves You? Simple Signs He Cares

Are you in a relationship and wonder if the man you are with truly loves you? Does he love you as much as he says he does? How can you tell? These are questions that a lot of women ask themselves on a daily basis. If you are insecure, it could be that you are getting bad signals or that you're paranoid. Here are three ways to figure out the strength of your relationship.

How to Live Fearlessly When You Love an Addict

My beautiful friend Jacki from Ohio left me an inspirational voice message the other day. She said, "Faith is living fearlessly." It's from Glenda Green's book Love Without End, a treasure Jacki turned me on to many months ago. Love Without End is one of those books you can flip open to any page and find a gem like "Faith is living fearlessly." It is so true.

Psychic Love Advice - Can a Love Psychic Tell Me When I'm Going to Be Married?

In this article we are going to talk about psychic love advice. Does a psychic know who you are SUPPOSED to spend your life with? Can they tell if you have a spiritual partner or soul mate? And how about when (or IF) you are going to be married? Does any of this fall within the parameters of what a psychic knows, or can tell... .simply by giving you a reading?

How to Master Soul Mate Manifestation and Achieve True Love

The popular myth about meeting a soulmate is that there is some right person out there that you will just 'meet' at the right time, fall in love and know you are meant to be together. But that's exactly what it is - a MYTH. What really works to attract true love is almost the opposite to what you have been taught to believe. Let me explain; in order to attract and experience true love you must first be willing to accept and feel true love.

Make Your Wife Fall in Love With You Again - Great Tips to Reignite the Romance in Your Marriage

It feels bad when you see the love of your life losing interest in you day by day. You want to make your wife fall in love with you again, because when you married her she was crazy about you, but those feelings are nowhere to be seen now. Maybe you are already thinking of just giving up, but don't. There are things you can do in order to make your wife fall in love with you again, and I am going to tell them to you.

Want to Make Your Man Fall in Love With You? - Learn How To

Are you sick and tired of seeing happy couples around you and you just want a man to fall in love with you? Have you worked hard to try to figure out how love works, what men think and why relationships never last? Do you believe you're destined to live the rest of your life alone? Men everywhere are looking for a woman with whom they can share their life.

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