Does He Really Love Me? How to Find Out

Do you find yourself asking yourself over and over again: "Does he really love me?" Is it difficult to tell how the man you care about really feels? Wouldn't it be great if you had some sure-fire ways to know that a guy cares? Unless you're a psychic, you can't really ever know completely for sure what someone else is thinking. But you can learn to pick up clues by paying attention to someone's body language, tone of voice, and the words themselves.

How To Find Mr Right

Seems like years ago when I was in college back in Nigeria. When I think of life back then, so many things have changed in so short a period of time that I have to remind myself it wasn't that long ago when I was a final year college student who was unmarried, unattached and 'unhooked' like some people called it then. I was 22years old and 'singly single'.

How to Find True Love

Do you wish you really knew how to find true love? Are you ready to try almost anything to find the man of your dreams? Are you tired of casual dating and ready to settle down with the right guy? Casual dating can be fun, but the time comes when you're ready to settle down with the guy you love and have a real future. If you feel that you've struck out when it comes to knowing how to find true love, start by answering a few questions from the experts: Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?

Ready to Love Again - What Are the Signs?

Have you gone through a phase where you feel like your heart had been stabbed into millions of pieces? Have you loved with your love and yet felt like your heart was still broken into smithereens? Have you always loved and lost - and yet felt that insatiable desire feeling you are once ready to love again? It is always heartbreaking to give yourself and entrust your heart to someone, believing that you and the person that you loved could spend an eternity just being in each other's arms and yet realizing at the end of your relationship that what you have been clinging on to was not that strong after all.

Retrieve a Lover - Ways to Get Her Back

Do you want your ex-girlfriend to love you the same way all over again? Do you want your past love to give you another chance to prove to her that love indeed is lovelier the second time around? Do you know how to retrieve a lover and make yourself irresistible once again in her eyes? To retrieve a lover is always a challenge to one's self. To retrieve a lover is always a fear for most guys also due to the fact that men hate being rejected.

Missing Someone You Love - How to Miss Her in Silence

Does your heart long for someone who couldn't have? Has your mind played tricks on you telling you that you should grab your phone and drunk dial her? Do you want to tell her you want her back despite her telling you that you should move on? Missing someone you love who no longer feels the same way as you do can be very disheartening and heart wrenching on your part.

What Is True Love - A Choice or a Feeling?

What is true love? Can one really define or say that what he feels for somebody is true love? Is it automatic that if we always want to be with one person, talk to him everyday, spend our lifetime with him that is already true love? If we look into a dictionary, love is defined as an emotion ranging from generic to strong intense personal affection.

How to Get a Woman to Feel Like She LOVES You

There isn't a single, straight man out there who would not want to be able to walk up to a woman he likes and know that he can make her feel as though she is in love with him. How cool would that be, right? What happens for most men is quite the opposite, though. More often than not, the average guy ends up losing out on way more women than he ever succeeds with.

My Awesome V-Day Night!

So I definitely had the most awesome V-day night EVER! My precious babe made a great meal (Scallops with a white wine reduction) with me (I did make an appetizer that had olives! ) And guess what? "Coincidentally", one of the olives had a heart shape on it- what an incredible thing to happen- I've got pics to prove it! We had white wine nicely set up in our living room where we enjoyed the tasty scallops, our company, our scents, the great wine he selected and celebrated the great love we have and the fact that we are so lucky to have each other in our lives.

Romantic Love Letters - Great Medium To Articulate Emotion

Have you ever wondered why romantic love letters are a great medium to articulate emotion? Basically, through these letters, a person is able to say what he or she cannot verbalize through actual spoken words. With written romantic letters, you are able to express what you truly feel, without fumbling with the precise words you wish to say, censoring yourself or dealing with nervous emotions.

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