Old-Fashioned Love Notes Are The Most Romantic

For centuries, or perhaps since the beginning of time, love notes have been used to express heartfelt romantic feelings to the recipient. Sometimes verbally expressing how deeply you feel about a person is not enough. However, when you sit down with a pen and paper something happens. All those unexpressed and raw emotions tend to spill out on the page.

Finding Mr Right

For many women, finding Mr. Right is no easy feat. There is the getting to know stage, the trying to accept each person's attribute stage, and the frequent fights in between. And just when you thought you found the right person, that's when you lose him. To some, they let fate find them their true love. But others, even if they do everything to find the right person, simply don't seem to find luck in love.

What Do Women Want From A Man?

This one is for all the guys out there asking themselves what do women want? Well I'm afraid I don't have one answer for this, but I am here to give you some help and point you in the right direction! I'm not promising miracles but if you stick with my advice I'm sure you will put a pleasing smile on your girl's face. Women love lingerie - it's a fact!

How to Discover Your Intimacy Boundaries

I recall a couple who came to see me for marital counseling. The wife appeared more committed to the relationship than the husband. The husband was dissatisfied with the relationship due to his wife's physical appearance and had been pressuring her to have cosmetic surgery, including a face lift and liposuction. He felt the cosmetic changes would enhance the couple's sex life and fill the void of what he was missing.

Kissing: An Ancient Practice and Current Marvel

People like to kiss. Whether it's your grandma, your dog or your significant other that you're kissing, people kiss. It's what we do. But did you know it's a science? According to William Case's book "The Art of Kissing", the scientific study of the kiss is called philematology (2009). In fact, the English word kiss most likely comes from the Old German word "kuss" and is probably an onomatopoeia (a word that sounds like a noise).

How to Tell That Love Is Genuine

Well to be honest, you can never be 100% sure, the other person may think they are in love and when the gloss wears off, they can revert back to their old self. This is not a deliberate lie, everybody wants to put their best side forward when they first get together, so how can you be sure it is the right choice for you. True love is when two people have chemistry between each other, it can be apart of three different plans of attraction, the physical, the spiritual and the intellectual, dopamine can be produced in the brain and the sparks can begin to fly, the pheromones can cause a strong attraction.

He Doesn't Love Me - Unrequited Love

Unrequited love can be one of the most painful emotional experiences a woman can go through. "If he doesn't love me, what is their worth living for?" Thoughts like these are all too common, and they can drive us to the edge. The emotional pain of unrequited love affects both men and women - but for women, it can sometimes be even harder because they (on average) have more socially developed brains and place a higher importance on relationships than men.

Looking for Love This New Year? Find Yourself First!

Are you a single woman whose spent years trying to find the perfect mate? Do you feel like your life is less than fulfilling because you don't have anyone to 'share' it with? Have you sacrificed your femininity and self-confidence because you don't have a 'significant other'? Sometimes a woman can spend so much time looking for who she wants that she has no time to be who she is.

How to Build Strong and Lasting Relationships

What must couples do to build strong and lasting relationships? There are some who would make light of this question. They argue that people marry and divorce every day, and life goes on, end of story. That's an attitude that scares me. I believe that a relationship between a husband and wife should be held in much higher regard. Furthermore, I don't believe that most husbands and wives who make a mess of their marriage get up one day and decide to screw everything up.

Show Someone You Love Them - The Best Ways to Say I Love You

Do you wonder how you can show someone you love them? Can you do something to show someone you love them without saying the words "I love you"? But how do you do this? Showing a girl you love them is easy. As we all know, girls tend to be appreciative of things even the littlest ones. So, simple gestures will mean a lot most especially if you are sincere with your actions.

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