Love at First Sight - Can it Really Happen?

Can love at first sight really happen? Is it possible to fall head-over-heels for a guy you just met? Or is it an emotion that you have to tamp down to be on the safe side of things? The answer to whether love at first sight can really happen may be shocking -- and confusing. The answer to the question is both Yes and No. This is simply because falling in love with a new guy isn't as simple as it sounds -- it's a complex emotion that needs to be handled carefully.

A Few Tips to Discover If Love Still Exists in Your Broken Relationship

If love still exists in your broken relationship, here are a few tips to help you discover it. Do you want to win your ex back? Do you really want to get together with him? There are a few tips to help you discover if love still exists in your broken relationship. You can examine the situation and discover if you want to put the relationship back together or move on.

How Can I Make Him Fall For Me? Tips to Make Your Man Love You

"How can I make him fall for me?" is a question many women want an answer to. Although some women are comfortable with the idea of letting fate take the lead when it comes to love, many of us aren't. If you love a man and you want him to feel exactly the same way about you don't let nature take its course. You have to take matters into your own hands to ensure he falls as deeply in love with you as you are with him.

Your Love Guide - Why Optimism is a Secret Key to Healthy Relationships and Lasting Love

Do you know how to be optimistic in pessimistic times? Find out why optimism is a secret key to healthy relationships and lasting love, and learn how to see life and love through the eyes of an optimist. How does an optimist see life and love? An optimist focuses on what you want. An optimist places total energy and attention on what you choose to create in your life.

Learn to Love the Right Way For YOUR Partner

Let's Face it, Relationships take WORK to maintain. You should put as much effort into your partner as you do into your regular paying job to gain the maximum benefit and happiness in your life. If you are constantly fighting, or worse, feeling distant and disconnected from your partner, neither of you is happy or feeling loved. So, how can you make the most of the time with your spouse/partner and let that person know how much you care and love them?

Do You Know What it Takes to Get Him to Fall in Love?

Is there a special guy that you're interested in and are you wondering how to get him to fall in love? What does it take for a guy to fall in love? Women aren't the only ones who love to be in love. Actually, if a man falls for a woman, he can be very serious. You might not know the right moves to make a guy love you like you love him. Want to know what the trick is?

Get Him to Fall in Love - There's a Secret Trick

What would it take to get a guy to fall in love with you? How do you get a guy to go crazy for you? How can you capture his heart? There's a secret trick that we'll let you in on that will be sure to make him fall in love. Guy's don't always make sense in the game of love. They sometimes confuse lust for love. They might confuse the two, because they don't stop to think about what is going on when they're attracted to a girl.

Small Gestures

I was sitting in traffic, on my way to a job that I once had (yes, I used to actually go to a job every day), when I noticed an elderly couple. They were waiting at the bus stop. I, on the other hand, was impatiently waiting for traffic to start moving again. But I could not take my eyes off of them. They were standing there, waiting, patiently it seemed, for the bus.

How to Make Your Loved One Love You More

Many relationships and marriages fail because people mistakenly assume that if two people are in love, everything will work out great no matter what. Love, however, is blind only in the beginning. After the period of sighs, flowers and first kisses is over, all imperfections and vices become visible. It doesn't have to mean that with that your love is over.

How to Make Him Fancy Me - Tips to Get Him to Love You

"Is there a way to make him fancy me?" That's a question many women want an answer to. Love doesn't always go the way we plan and sometimes you may find yourself completely crazy about a man who seems lukewarm towards you at best. Fortunately you don't have to let fate lead the way. There are several ways to make the man of your dreams fall hopelessly in love with you.

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