Relationships Are Stressful

One of the saddest aspects of relationships is when communication breaks down. When Cliff Richard sang the words of his 1979 hit, "It is so funny that we don't talk anymore, " he was being ironic, because there's nothing funny about it in the least. Relationships have their ups and downs, and no matter what type of relationship it is, business relation, romantic relation or personal relation, it is going to come under stress at some stage.

When Emotions Backfire

Emotions are wonderful. They can make you laugh, cry or fall in love while not being confined to any age, race, season or place. When you dive deep into the sea of emotions, and come out floating, you are rejuvenated with a new spirit. You get enhanced with a rich experience that teaches you about the philosophy of life. The sad thing is that one can get deeply hurt also owing to intense emotions, which again depends on our respective vulnerabilities.

Get Him To Notice You - Three Tips To Understanding Guys And Getting What You Want From A Man

When it comes to dating, even the most confident women have some trouble getting what they really want from a man. Before you get to the point of giving up, take some time to look closer at how men think, and how to catch his attention- even if you don't think you're his ideal type. It's not about being pretty or giving in to what he wants. You might be surprised to learn just what makes a man tick.

Do You Have a Broken Heart?

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." -Napolean Hill If you are struggling with the pain and heartache that goes along with ending a relationship you are not alone. Although you may feel very alone with this broken heart of yours there are many people who have walked down this path and who have not only survived but they have gone on to have a great life.

Romantic Love: Making It an Enlightening Adventure

Joseph Campbell speaks about four great opportunities in life through which all enlightenment can be attained. He lists romantic love as one of these. I remember pedestalling romantic love in my youth. Every movie, every book, every fairytale lead to the hero taking the maiden in the hand at the end of his challenging journey. The hero's story was the journey 'to love'.

Romantic Love Letters - Use Love Letters To Get The Results You Want

Words are powerful, especially in a romantic love letters. Somehow when we express our emotions in a letter form, it adds an authentic permanence to them. It shows we say what we mean and we mean what we are saying. Letters of love acknowledge that we are not afraid to commit in writing a display of depth and sincerity that is tangible and lasting.

Love Relationships

Sir James M. Barrie the famous author who wrote Peter Pan had once said about love; 'If you have it, you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have.' Truly love remains the highest of human emotional expressions. It is hard to find true love and those who are blessed with it should look to maintain and work on it to make it successful no matter the circumstance are.

Relationship Questions - Get Help Now

Every couple goes through a phase in their relationship where they face some problems. Whatever the nature of the problems what matters is how they approach to solve those problems. Their commitment to the relationship and to themselves; and also the fact that they genuinely want to make it work is what makes the difference. Old timers will say every bit of time spent to make a relationship work is worth it.

Love In a Relationship

Great love relationships often have a few basic foundation stones on which they are made, including honesty, trust, sex, companionship. If partners genuinely enjoy the company of each other they might enjoy being together just for the pleasure of it. Some people might consider the idea of best friends falling in love with each other as retro. However the very idea of friendship is that they have something in common, something they enjoy doing together.

Relationships, More Than Just An Opinion

It's all so confusing, especially in the day in which we live. Everyone seems to have an opinion, an angle, and their own definition as to what constitutes genuine relationships, especially those related to love. We all, at some time or another, have had or still have at least one relationship. Whether good or bad is questionable and is for every one of us to determine.

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