Relationships Are Stressful

One of the saddest aspects of relationships is when communication breaks down. When Cliff Richard sang the words of his 1979 hit, "It is so funny that we don't talk anymore," he was being ironic, because there's nothing funny about it in the least.

Relationships have their ups and downs, and no matter what type of relationship it is, business relation, romantic relation or personal relation, it is going to come under stress at some stage. When there is a problem in a relationship, then you need to talk about it. Keeping it bottled up will not make it go away. It will only get worse until eventually it explodes. Not only do you have to talk about problems, you also have to listen to what the other person in the relationship is saying.

Respect is an important component in relationships. Your partner may not necessarily share your views or beliefs in everything, and you need to learn to respect that. If one person in the relationship is doing all the giving and the other is doing all the taking, it is going to eventually lead to problems. You have to learn to both give and take.

You need to invest both time and commitment into a relationship if it is going to work. You must accept your partner for who they are and give them the freedom to express themselves. Never try and control them and never take them for granted. Your partner needs the reassurance that you will support them in their views and decisions. It will give them strength to know that you are there. You may not like their decisions, you may not agree with them, but you do need to support them.

Learn how to deal with conflict in relationships. Conflict is inevitable in any relationship and you need to know how to deal with it quickly and without making the situation worse. If you leave an argument without sorting it out, it will only fester and get worse. This is where all the other tips come into play. Listen to what your partner is saying, respect what they are saying, and never say anything in anger. Think before you speak. Above all else, there must be trust in a relationship. If you cannot trust each other, then no matter what the level of respect, commitment, support and communication, the relationship is doomed from the start.

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